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RHR Series and other things.

I’ve decided to add a short story to the Rolling Hills Books, this one is going to be Ma and Pops story. I think told in a series of flashbacks through Pop’s eyes. I’m not very far into it yet. I’ve been also working on another book that I’ve rewritten at least 10 times. I also have at least one for full length book for the Rolling Hills stories. This one is to cover Joe’s story. I need to make myself focus on those two before I continue with others. I would love to have a complete series for sale at AAD in Aug. of 2014 though honestly that doesn’t give me much time.

I’m starting school soon so I’m sure homework will take up any extra time I have, which isn’t much. I have so much respect for moms that are stay at home moms. I’ve been doing it just a month and still haven’t gotten a good grove going. We are working on it though.

I do have a new book that I’m submitting to a publishing company that hopefully will like it. My beta readers seemed to enjoy it, the ones that have gotten back to me so far anyway. Well time to get everything in line to submit it to the publishing company.



Loving Allison finally done!

Finally got Loving Allison done. I do need to re-read it and then get someone to edit it. At least I know it will be out by my deadline of June. I’m already working on the third book. I’ll be giving more details about the book and showing off the book as it gets closer to a release date…. Kind of need a cover before I can show it off. lol Still quite a bit to do but I’m just so excited that its done and has an ending! I will be looking to give away some ARC’s when it gets closer so as soon as its on amazon people can post their review and get others interested in it. If you’d like a copy please contact me! I’m going to start making a list and getting those ready. They will just be PDF files I don’t have hard copies of the book. Away, time to get back to my job. Wish lunch breaks lasted all day lol