Weekend Writing Warriors


8 lines from my second book in my Rolling Hills Ranch series Loving Allison 

“Do you know this girl?” Sam asked quieter like she knew the secret already.

John looked down at her. Sam didn’t really miss much. “You are not allowed to say anything do you understand me?” He asked trying to give her the evil eye. It didn’t last long when she started grinning. “Please Sam? I didn’t say anything to Luke. Let me do this my way.”

Dark skies looming over corn fields

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Second book in the Rolling Hills Ranch series. This book follows John and Allison. The two stayed in touch after meeting a year ago. When they are face to face again they know right away their love is true and will be together forever. When Allison’s stubborn and protective nature get her in trouble more than once John wonders how long their forever will be.


How is everyone?

I hate coming up for titles for my posts. I feel like it’s the same thing all the time, “hi, how’s it going, new story, i’m back” not very creative with the titles lol. I have written more on Loving Allison. I think it’s working on coming a close but something just happened that I wasn’t expecting (I kind of love it when my fingers type faster than my brain thinks it up). When things happen that I don’t expect or have no idea were going to happen I have my best writing. I usually like to just get into the writing and not stop until that period of thought process runs out. I think that’s why I have to write when I’m the only one at home and no one is intrupiting me. It’s very frusting to get into the grove of writing only to be intrupted by something. Today I have to go to work later so I’m wokring on winding myself down. I have to drop my son off at daycare early on the days that I go in early so that I have some time for writing which I feel bad about. I love to spend time with him but I also love to write. So I chose to write in the morning when my husband is at work and I can bring my son to daycare and be with them in the evenings. It’s working out so far. I have two books that I really want to get done and published by July. Think I can do it? If you said yes your more of an optimist than I am.

I worry sometiems that I just keep writing because I don’t want to let go of my people. I do not want to become the person that just drags on a story until its dead and everyone reading it would throw it across the room if it wasn’t on their kindle (cause you would throw a book, not the kindle). Hopefully by keeping that in mind when I go to edit I can make sure it still has good content. I remember someone telling me once that you need to be telling people something new with each line. If you’re not learning something new than you are repeating yourself and that is never good. When I edit my work I try to think of that as I read each line, page and chapter. Well I’m off to try to get a bit more writing done before work but I’ve done almost 5k today so I think that’s a good day, what would you say? What is a good day of writing for you?




I have been trying to get my name ‘out there’ so to speak. Hoping people will hear about me and want to get to know me a little better, look at my blog, follow me on twitter, read my book Finding Samantha You know that kind of thing. I believe I have done all I can at the moment anyway. I have the blog/website where there are samples of my books and I put my thoughts out there for the world to see lol. I made myself a twitter account, I already had the the facebook account, I’m on Goodreads and I’m sure there are other things that I have done I can’t think of right now. If you want you can click on all the links and it will lead you to all my different pages. I have tried to link everything together to that when I put up a new post for my webpage it will appear almost everywhere. I enjoy the fact that by clicking publish Facebook, Goodreads and twitter will all display that I have a new post. Only problem is I have no idea if people are actually looking at it or not. People usually don’t leave comment. I would LOVE some comments. Even if its just a ‘hey how’s it going’ or an answer to a question I usually leave at the end of each post.

One good thing I’ve found about my writing and books in general is that I actually can talk to strangers about books. I am not a people person by nature. I don’t like meeting new people and have panic attacks if I’m around too many or if there are people too close to me. When talking about books however I’m just fine. I could chat to someone all day. That usually opens the door for other conversations that I would not have been able to have if I hadn’t been able to discuss books first. I was on my yahoo IM yesterday and decided to go into a chat room that was supposed to be about literacy. We all know how chat rooms go so it took me a little bit to find one that had real people in it. At the time they were not talking about books but I actually got them to start talking. I told them about my book and people started asking me questions. It was the best thing ever. I am extremely new to the whole author thing. I have not had a chance to have people ask me questions about how I write or how often or about my characters and these people did all that. They looked up my book and put a link for it in the chat room I gave them my website address. I had a lot of fun talking to them and it just reminded me how awesome it can be to talk to people I don’t know about my books. I think I’m going to have to find different chat rooms and talk about my book to more people.

I hadn’t thought of chat rooms as a way to network before but clearly it’s a good idea. Even if they don’t buy the book my name is now in their head. Who knows they may get it and read it and like it or they may suggest it to a friend if Romance isn’t there kind of book. However it works out I’m glad that I decided to try it and I suggest it to every one else.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to network? Does anyone know how to get my book to people that can read it and give reviews on it? I really did that. Does anyone else have the same problem I do that they can’t seem to get a conversation going except for one particular thing they could talk to even strangers about all day? What is your thing that gets you going so much?