New Year, New Me

This last year has had a lot of changes and my writing suffered. As with most I am thinking about what I didn’t do throughout 2014 and what I would like to do through 2015. As you can tell I did not post on this page at all for 2014, something that should not have happened. I found a great list of things for a writer at huffingtonpost. It has great ideas on what you can do as a writer to keep active throughout the year and help you in your writing. I plan on getting started with this right away. One was post to your blog and set how many times you will postĀ a month. I’m thinking once a month for this year as I see more changes coming in my life soon and once a month shouldn’t be too hard. I will try more often. I also want to join a writing group (anyone know of one?) and try to submit to some companies this year. I have no idea what companies but I’m going to start to do some research. I like self publishing but I would like to work with a company that has more experience than I do. I also am going to have my hands full with the classes I’m taking but I’m going to take at least one day a week for me, writing or just relaxing. I think I’m over due for some me time. Anyone else have ideas they are going to try out for the new year?



Well it has been a busy last few days. I have not gotten to work on my new short story as much as I would like but I’m still hopeful that I will get it up on Amazon by Valentines day. We are working on trying to sell our house and it’s not going as well as we would hoped so I need to make sure it looks good before I’m able to write and most days I work as well so I can get maybe two hours of writing done during the day on Tuesdays. More on Thursday usually because that’s my day off. My schedule has gone back to normal at work YAY!! I may have to work this Thursday which would put a big damper on my getting my book out next week but we shall see. If I do have to work maybe I’ll have to take some time after my son goes to bed and work on typing rather than watching TV with the honey though I love to spend time with him I really want to get this out. I need to make sure that I pay more attention to my writing this year. So far it’s going well but it’s also only the second month of the year. You all know how New Year resolutions work (or don’t work as the case may be).

Well back to more writing for an hour before I have to head off to work. I really hope everyone likes this new one. I’m not putting anything on about it until I know that it will be done and I can release it. Thanks again to everyone for the support and I am very happy with my sales so far on Amazon with my self publishing. As all authors do I wish it were more but I will take what I can get. They have been out for a while now and I haven’t had anything new in a year! I can’t believeĀ it’s been that long. Time to get down to business and start writing! sunflowersunmoon_1