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New Book

I’m so excited to introduce my newest book You Belong With Me.

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In celebration of this new release I am offering Handsome Stranger for FREE!!

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Stay tuned because I am going to have a cover reveal for my next release (scheduled for release in March) soon. The name of the new novel you ask? The Bladesmith… can’t wait to tell you about it!


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Reviews and Free Book

Well my free, Handsome Stranger, is about to go back on sale. I’ve had at least 500 downloads on it while it was free, that’s just three days. I’m so excited that I have been able to reach so many people by offering my book for free. This has really opened my eyes to how many people I could reach if I keep at it. When I finally get my next Rolling Hills book done I may do a promotional with the first book. Don’t know when or if I’ll be able to but I’m thinking about it. I know it will be a much better launch than the one I threw together for Cupid’s Test.

Speaking of my newest story Cupid’s Test, I have got three ratings on Goodreads. Two 3 stars and one 5 stars. With a quote of “Easy to read and very fun yet romantic.” ~ Michelle Lafreniere I’m so excited that people like it. It was meant to be a fun short story. It’s a sweet romance, all the ‘business’ is behind the scene, which means no going into detail with this one.

My other books have some detail but I try to make it just a scene or two. You can skip it if you don’t like that kind of thing and don’t miss anything from the storyline. I know some people like that and some don’t.

I love getting reviews and ratings, good or bad. I would love it if they were also on Amazon so that other people could see what they thought of the book. I wish Goodreads and Amazon could be linked but I’ll take it either way. I know it can be annoying to have to go to a lot of different places just to review or rate a book you’ve read. I can’t say that I do it a lot. I can tell you how much we (as in authors) love hearing what readers think and really appreciate it when readers write reviews or rate the books so that other potential readers can see it.


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That’s right fokes. Handsome Stranger is now FREE on Amazon. I’ve decided to let you try out my work and see how you like it. All I ask is that after you read it could you please write a review or at least give it however many stars you think it should have. I really need some reviews for my work on Amazon. A lot of people only buy books that have some kind of reviews on it. It sounds weird but it is VERY true. Also if you want you can spread the word to friends. They can download the book as well. While your there check out my new release of Cupid’s Test. Thanks so much for the support!