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Week One

My first week of getting back into writing has gone surprisingly well. I’ve taken time to find like-minded people in a couple of different FB groups and commented on the posts there. I am honestly surprised how nice it is to have people to discuss books with. People that know the struggle of trying to keep a realistic timeline in a made-up land. Being able to discuss all the aspects of writing, editing, and publishing with others that are going through the same thing I am is pretty astounding. It’s like having a support group that you can get advice or complain to and they completely understand.


I have lightly researched editors (seems pretty expensive since all my books are quite wordy), book covers (found a few websites that you can get stock photos to make your own), and websites that link writers and companies together (so that writers can gain experience and earn a little money). Of course, all of these will need to be looked into rather deeply but they are all new to me so I’m excited to learn.


I have pulled out all my old hand-written works (some so old the notebooks are falling apart) and leafed through some that brought back ideas I had forgotten (and reminded me how far I have come in my writing). I think it is important to keep all my old notebooks, even if they never become something because it can give me inspiration for current books and reminds me how long I have been doing this. It also reminds me that while I didn’t realize it, I was learning how to be a better writer. If I have become better without trying, just imagine how much better I could do when I am trying.

The only annoying thing this week was my new computer deciding to shut down on me. I had to contact Dell support and they factory reset the thing. All of my books are on dropbox so I didn’t lose any work but I did lose all of those new websites I had found over the week. I think I’m going to have to keep a list in my dropbox as I find websites and just update as I research. The other problem with the factory reset was downloading Microsoft word again. My advice, make sure you have your product key and don’t lose it. Mine is now a picture on my phone.


As I research more about writing and the business itself I will post my findings, who knows, maybe you could use the information I find too. Right now, I get to write while I’m at work and my kiddos are sleeping (I teach 2-year-old children in a childcare facility at the moment). The only problem with this is having to come home and type out all the thoughts again. I try to look at it as written is the first draft and the second is typing it (because I always change things) but part of me just wants to continue the story while I’m on a roll. I don’t want to have to rehash everything already. Oh well, once I stop working all my work will be on the computer again.


If you are a writer do you prefer hand written or typed, have you found any editors you like, how do you do your book covers, and are you a part of any groups on FB or anywhere else that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments I’m always looking for new information!

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I have found this website called createspace.com You can publish your book for people to buy a paperback copy of it. They can buy through that site or through Amazon. I’ve decided to try it. I know a lot of people really like the feel of a paperback. Some don’t like reading with a computer. What ever the reason I think it’s time that I get into the paperback book world of publishing. I found when putting how much I want to charge for the book (I put 10$ what do you think, is that a good price) that if you buy through the website Createspace I get quite a bit more for each book sold than if you buy on Amazon. So I’ll be pushing createspace I know other writers who publish through them so I am confident that they are a proper and secure website.

I have just spent all afternoon trying to reformat my book so that it will up load properly. It actually wasn’t that hard. I was able to download a templet of what the book needs to use for font and the margins, I just then copied and pasted my work into it. The hard part I found was creating at cover for it. As you know I already have a beautiful cover for Finding Samantha however I do not have a back for it. So I spent all afternoon on my ‘Paint’ program, (you know the one we used to play with as kids) I’m sure that there is a better program out there for me to use. I’m just not computer savvy nor will I ever be I’m afraid when it comes to creating art. I can’t create it off the computer either so it shouldn’t surprise me. I was able to get it done though and hopefully it will look good.

I think I’m going to buy a copy of the book for myself before offer it to the masses, make sure that it actually looks ok. In all the book is 275 pages (I know it’s like a proper book) I had no idea it would be that long. Though I did add an excerpt at the end for Loving Allison and little blurbs about the short stories I have, and my author bio. So adding all that plus the dedication page and title page and copyright page, it’s really down to like 268 or something lol.

Anyone that is wanting my writing in paperback don’t fear I will inform you of it’s buying option as soon as I’ve got the courage enough to release it to the clamoring hordes of people who want it (my family and friends mostly) Well I hope you all have a wonderful night. I’m going to enjoy watching some TV and relaxing after my long day of starring at this computer screen.


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So I didn’t get any writing done this morning before work but I did get the house picked up, did laundry, washed dishes took the dog for a walk and signed up for a new thing on Amazon. It’s Amazon Authors and if you’re an eauthor you can sign up add a bio, some pictures, link your webpage and twitter account to it. Hopefully it will work out well. People on Facebook can ‘like’ it and both twitter and Facebook people can share it with their friends. I believe it will keep people updated on new books that you add to your author profile. Just another way to keep all the readers of your books in the loop.


Does anyone else know how to get your name out there? Anyone have bloggers that will read your work and write reviews? I’ve had a hard time getting my name out there and getting people to review my work. I only have one full length book out there right now though so maybe once I get more things published it will happen faster. I’m also looking into getting my full length into paperback books. Anyone know a good place to do that so that people can buy the books there or through Amazon? I’d love to get some feedback from people who have already found all this out. If you haven’t found out yet and I do first I will make sure to let you know! Thanks for any and all help and by the way if you wanted to ‘like’ my amazon author page just click here. ‘like’ it and share it with friends!



How is everyone?

I hate coming up for titles for my posts. I feel like it’s the same thing all the time, “hi, how’s it going, new story, i’m back” not very creative with the titles lol. I have written more on Loving Allison. I think it’s working on coming a close but something just happened that I wasn’t expecting (I kind of love it when my fingers type faster than my brain thinks it up). When things happen that I don’t expect or have no idea were going to happen I have my best writing. I usually like to just get into the writing and not stop until that period of thought process runs out. I think that’s why I have to write when I’m the only one at home and no one is intrupiting me. It’s very frusting to get into the grove of writing only to be intrupted by something. Today I have to go to work later so I’m wokring on winding myself down. I have to drop my son off at daycare early on the days that I go in early so that I have some time for writing which I feel bad about. I love to spend time with him but I also love to write. So I chose to write in the morning when my husband is at work and I can bring my son to daycare and be with them in the evenings. It’s working out so far. I have two books that I really want to get done and published by July. Think I can do it? If you said yes your more of an optimist than I am.

I worry sometiems that I just keep writing because I don’t want to let go of my people. I do not want to become the person that just drags on a story until its dead and everyone reading it would throw it across the room if it wasn’t on their kindle (cause you would throw a book, not the kindle). Hopefully by keeping that in mind when I go to edit I can make sure it still has good content. I remember someone telling me once that you need to be telling people something new with each line. If you’re not learning something new than you are repeating yourself and that is never good. When I edit my work I try to think of that as I read each line, page and chapter. Well I’m off to try to get a bit more writing done before work but I’ve done almost 5k today so I think that’s a good day, what would you say? What is a good day of writing for you?



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Deadlines and names *sigh*

I have found I have two big problems when it comes to writing. If I have a deadline I will get a book done. Cupid’s Test… deadline of Feb. 14th, done! Halloween Madness… deadline Oct. 31st, done! Deadline’s really work for me. Only problem… if I make the deadline I can just move it as I need to. So it would be great if someone else would make a deadline for me. I have to finish my second book in the Rolling Hills Ranch series. It’s 75 percent done, and I’ll need to do edit’s. When should I have this done by? I was thinking June. If I tell enough people that the book will be out sometime in June then I’ll have to do it. So make comments let me know if you are looking forward to it so I know that I’m now committed.

My other problem I have is coming up with names for the people in my stories. For some reason I get suck on a letter like J – Jen, Jenny, John, Jo, Jared and can’t seem to get away from it. So what are your favorite names and can I steal them. One of my books is going to be going into space so what are some weird names you like (if it’s really odd try to let me know how to say it too lol) I’m hoping to get lots of names for this so that I can have a variety of names to use for the future.


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Reviews and Free Book

Well my free, Handsome Stranger, is about to go back on sale. I’ve had at least 500 downloads on it while it was free, that’s just three days. I’m so excited that I have been able to reach so many people by offering my book for free. This has really opened my eyes to how many people I could reach if I keep at it. When I finally get my next Rolling Hills book done I may do a promotional with the first book. Don’t know when or if I’ll be able to but I’m thinking about it. I know it will be a much better launch than the one I threw together for Cupid’s Test.

Speaking of my newest story Cupid’s Test, I have got three ratings on Goodreads. Two 3 stars and one 5 stars. With a quote of “Easy to read and very fun yet romantic.” ~ Michelle Lafreniere I’m so excited that people like it. It was meant to be a fun short story. It’s a sweet romance, all the ‘business’ is behind the scene, which means no going into detail with this one.

My other books have some detail but I try to make it just a scene or two. You can skip it if you don’t like that kind of thing and don’t miss anything from the storyline. I know some people like that and some don’t.

I love getting reviews and ratings, good or bad. I would love it if they were also on Amazon so that other people could see what they thought of the book. I wish Goodreads and Amazon could be linked but I’ll take it either way. I know it can be annoying to have to go to a lot of different places just to review or rate a book you’ve read. I can’t say that I do it a lot. I can tell you how much we (as in authors) love hearing what readers think and really appreciate it when readers write reviews or rate the books so that other potential readers can see it.


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I sent in a short story to Tease publishing a while ago and was very excited when it was accepted. I had never tired my hand at a short story before and I wasn’t sure I was able to do it correctly. I usually have to have a longer time with my charterers to get to know them and to really tell their story. Being so excited for that acceptance  I wrote another short story this one geared toward their Loves Immortal Pantheon series. Four or five writers each write a short story about different Gods or Goddess, a romance about them falling in love. I have always loved stories of the Greek Gods and Goddess so I thought it was a wonderful idea. When I finished writing it I knew there wasn’t something right about it. Something just didn’t feel right. I sent it to my wonderful sisters and they corrected grammatical errors (yea who knew I’d have those… EVERYONE lol). They didn’t however mention that they felt anything was missing so against my better judgment I sent in my short story.

I need to learn to listen to myself. Gail is a wonderful woman at Tease, she is the one that passes your book on to be published or says, no I don’t think so. My short story was a no, I don’t think so right now. She asked me to look at it again and rework it. She didn’t think that ‘something special’ was in there. I’m actually glad that I sent it in because that just tells me they don’t take just anything. If I didn’t have some kind of talent they wouldn’t have started working with me in the first place. Also it tells me that I have good taste and that I should listen to the inner voice that says “Megan that sucks!” Because Gail is so wonderful she is giving me a second chance to rewrite my book and I have to say I’m liking this version a whole lot better. Its a good thing she didn’t want it because I am capable of so much more than that dribble I had just thrown together without any real meat to the story.

Honestly I hadn’t connected to my people in this book before. I was writing it but it wasn’t like with my series. I didn’t really care about these people, or want them to end up together it was just the end of the story. I know that I have to care. If  I don’t even care and I created them why would anyone else care about them? This has been a nice experience for me to learn that deep inside I do know what is good and what isn’t and that I need to trust myself. Writing isn’t about seeing how many books you can get out there. It’s about writing for yourself first. If you write for yourself you will love your people and others will too because they can feel how much you care for them in your words. Make them real to you and they will be real to everyone else.