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First week of writing

Wow, it has been a while since I posted something on my page. I’ve been on vacation a lot and wasn’t writing, it was also a lot harder to get writing done with my son home. I have enjoyed having others over to share their work and don’t forget to check out the Guest Posts the latest one by Shay Stone Never Give Up is quite inspirational, go on over and check it out. Next week we will be having someone over that is publishing a new book, be sure to check it out too!

I have been able to get in a first week of writing in. My son goes to Summer Camp during the day and I get to clean in the morning and write in the afternoon. It has been awesome. I have started and finished a short story that is exclusively for those attending   the Literary Love Savannah conference that is going on right now. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t get it done in time. After they contact me with their special code I will be releasing the short story to everyone. The release date of that will be September 1st. I will give you the title You Belong With Me. It will be my first new story, to be released in a long while.

I am still working on my Kat and the Cursed full length novel, I have shortened it just to Cursed. What do you think of the name change? If you’d like to read snippets from this work in progress check out my Snippet Sunday section. There are four so far 4/22, 4/29, 6/2, and 7/22, I’m going to do one more with this book before I switch to You Belong With Me on Snippet Sundays.

I have discovered that it is extremely hard to make your own covers (for me at least anyway). Thankfully I have made some friends and I was able to get in touch with a professional that is reasonably priced. I am still going to mess around with pictures and try to learn on YouTube how to make my own but for now I’m happy to help out others with their business and get covers made by them. The one I have for Cursed is beautiful, I’m not showing it though until I’m getting ready to release it so you’ll just have to wait. Currently I am trying to figure one out for  You Belong With Me.

I really want this but I’m not sure if it is copyrighted. If any of you know of a picture like this on any of those free picture websites let me know!Image result for You belong with me house pictures

Speaking of those websites, I have a list of them, some free, some you have to pay for. If anyone needs a copy of it just let me know I’ll email it over. I have complied it from different authors giving me them so that I can try to start making my own Covers.

That’s it for this week, how have you all been? Do anything fun this summer? Leave a message in the comments with any interesting tidbits you want to share!


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Authors helping authors and LLS

This was my first full week off from work and while I got quite a bit done around the house and in research, not so much in writing. I need to get myself to focus on that. I feel I might have trouble with that until my son goes back to school (even as I write this I get interrupted multiple times and I can’t do that when writing I need to be able to focus for hours). We are going to have a busy summer and he is always going to be with me so not much writing I’m afraid.


So this week on my Facebook group pages we have been sharing our websites, Facebook pages, twitter, and Wattpad names so we can follow each other. This is nice as I’ve found some really interesting things on some of their pages/websites. Sometimes I end up unliking however because it ends up filling my FB feed with people I don’t know talking about their own thing and it may be a genre I’m not interested in. I like the idea of sharing our social media to try to get more ‘likes’ and followers but it’s not just for likes and followers I look for interesting articles to share on my own page, or if someone has a book coming out, I share that on my page too. I often wonder if I am the only one that does this though, to me liking each other isn’t enough, engaging with others on their pages is what helps. Sharing their finds and their book releases really helps them and encourages them to help others.


I have an author friend that is going to Literary Love Savannah this year and has said she is willing to bring promo items that I’ve made along with her to put in the swag bags that all reading attendees get. I’m pretty excited about this and I am planning on being part of Literary Love Savannah 2019. It’s July of next year giving me plenty of time to come up with great promo items and have new releases. As it is I am planning on having an exclusive short story just for those going to this years. Once they get a promo of mine they will see a code on the back to contact me with and I’ll send it out. This will give them a chance to try my writing, which they will fall madly in love with (that’s the idea anyway) and encourage them to look at what else I have to offer. This also will get my butt moving on first, writing that short story, and second getting my other stories done so that I have new items to sell to them after the conference is over. Unfortunately the conference is in July meaning I must get my short story written and edited quickly.


This week I also looked at what it takes for copy writing and ISBN numbers. I found a website that explained it pretty well. I will do more research into it but if you click the links you can see what I’ve found so far. I also had to look up the difference between the 35% royalties and 70% royalties options given by Amazon for self publishers.


I am happy (and a little embarrased because it took so long) to say I am now selling my books through Barns and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, EPUB, and Mobi. This is all thanks to Draft2digital. I checked on publishing my books through Amazon but it told me that my books would no longer be published with Createspace (which connects to the Amazon site) and I think I want to stick with that for now while I research the best place to publish paper versions.


Finally this week I didn’t get as many books listened to as I have in previous weeks (I ran out of borrows for Hoopla and I have been doing other things than listening to books while I clean the house) I did finish The Elite the second book in the Selection series. The end of it was better than I expected, as I mentioned last week I had to focus on another book for a bit because it became repetitive, turns out I stopped listening just before it got interesting again. I will be listening to the next one (the last in this series). I also finished Ignite, the second book in the Defy series. It was very good all the way through it. I have started on the third, and last in that series Endure, though I’m only on the third chapter right now. I also picked up and finished The Jewel a new series called Lone City that I have started. I will be reading the second in that series as well. I still haven’t managed to make myself finish 1000 White Women and am unsure if I’ll finish it before it returns. I’m not half way through yet and I still have nine hours to go (having finished almost 6 hours of it) I think it is just too long and is unable to capture my interest enough. I do want to know the ending though, maybe I will cheat and look up some reviews. It is not very often that I find a book I just am not able to finish.

What books are you reading this week? Have any books that you just found yourself unable to finish? See you all next week!


Books I’ve read (listened to) this week:

One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd (One Thousand White Women Series) by [Fergus, Jim]

Ignite (Defy, Book 2) (Defy Series) by [Larson, Sara B.]    The Elite (The selection Book 2) by [Cass, Kiera]   The Jewel (Jewel Series Book 1) by [Ewing, Amy]


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This is it!

I am officially out of work and on the path of stay at home mother and writer. I have tried to throw myself into these new roles by deeply cleaning my home on my half days of work the past week and focusing on one of my books Kat and the Cursed. There are snippets of this book on my Snippet Sunday page.

The last couple of weeks I have not been able to do as much as I would like with the writing and learning aspect, I have mostly focused on cleaning as I love to have a nice clean house, and I have been listening to a lot of audio books as I work. As I read in On Writing by Stephen King it is important to read a lot when you are working on writing and I agree.

I am thinking of adding more days that I post to my website, though I don’t want to overwhelm anyone that gets notices each time I post. I’m thinking of doing reviews of the books I’ve read, I’m sure they will not be long reviews but I feel it will help me really digest the book and think about plot lines and what I did or did not like about the book. This, in turn (hopefully), will help me better my own writing if I practice what I do like and try to avoid what I do not.

For example, I have three I am currently listening to. One is the second book in the Selection series The Elite. This book I was enjoying very much, loved the first book, however halfway through the second I’m feeling it’s getting repetitive and a bit annoying so I felt I needed a break from it. I started the second book in the Defy series, Ignite, while I was breaking from the other book. This book is just as well written as the first and I’m sure I will finish it quickly. The other book is 1000 White Women. While I find it interesting in the way that it is told and altered history of it I am finding it hard to finish it. I will finish both books. As it is pointed out in On Writing reading good books is great but bad books (or ones you find a bit less interesting) will probably teach you more.

I have found one website that I would like to look more into. It is called MasterClass. It seems to have classes done in a variety of areas by famous people in that area. Obviously I would like to take classes in writing, learning their tricks and getting incite to how they develop their ideas into novels (though they do have other classes that may interest me). The price is a little expensive for me though, $90 for one class of 24 lessons, or $180 for a year subscription and all access to every class they offer. If I’m going to do it I would think the better deal would be 180 for all access. Also if I do it I would probably wait until my son goes back to school to make sure I am able to make the most of my purchase.  If anyone reading this has tried it out let me know what you thought of it!

Focusing on one book is hard for me honestly. I have so many that I want to write, they all try to push forward. One of my goals is making myself focus on one until it is completely done. Kat and the Cursed is at my least favorite part of writing. The editing and getting feedback. I love getting feedback, good and bad, however I always need to push myself to listen to suggestions without giving over to them. Sometimes I am the type to go through the critics given by the beta readers piece by piece fixing or changing everything they mentioned. I know, however, this can greatly change a story and may end up not being the story I want to tell. It may change my character too much until he or she is not who I wanted them to be. I will slowly be teaching myself how to handle the comments and making sure I keep in mind my original idea for the story in general and my original characters.

That’s it for this week. Next week will be my first chance of staying at home full time and getting more done. Hopefully I’ll have more information on Kat and the Cursed progress and more interesting tidbits of things I have found in my own search on writing and publishing and all it entails. Have a great week!


Books I’ve read (listened) to this past week:

Click to see on Amazon

One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd (One Thousand White Women Series) by [Fergus, Jim]

Defy (Defy, Book 1) (Defy Series) by [Larson, Sara B.]   Ignite (Defy, Book 2) (Defy Series) by [Larson, Sara B.]


The Selection by [Cass, Kiera]    The Elite (The selection Book 2) by [Cass, Kiera]

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Week 4, 5, and 6

Well it didn’t take me long to miss a few weeks of posting on my website. Life has been interesting around here and though I probably should have carved out some time to do my website I was too tired.


I am very close to not working any more. I have a week and a half left. My son was sick this weekend, and is still sick, so I have been home but cleaning and taking care of him.


I have found the joys of audiobooks. A friend introduced me to how nice they can be to listen to while cleaning around the house and driving in the car. I will probably listen to them more often. I have done a lot of driving lately so I have finished four books already. She gives wonderful suggestions for books and I have loved them all. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of audiobooks previously for car trips and such but it will make my long car drives coming up in the summer much more enjoyable. I cannot read in the car anymore I get carsick.


I have been looking into writing groups in my area, which do not exist. The closest ones are 2 and a half hours away. I’m hoping when we move with my husbands’ job (which isn’t for at least another 2 years) I’ll be able to find writing groups near me. I’ll just enjoy the online writing groups I have found for now.


I have gotten feedback on my story that I sent out to beta readers and need to get started on editing and reworking it. I find editing and reworking the hardest part. I enjoy creating the story and getting to the ending but find it daunting and dragging to have to fix all the little parts.  Oh well if I want to be an author I must get it done!


I was sent a book to read by another author in the group, a I’ll read yours if you read mine and have not done my part. She has done the first chapter of mine. I need to get my butt in gear and get started on that. Sometimes I have trouble reading and critiquing others work but I think doing so will help me with my own work.


I have started reading Stephen Kings book, On Writing. I absolutely love it and recommend it in general to everyone but specifically to writers. It has a lot of information and is written in such a way it is easy to understand and take any nuggets of information that he has learned and use if for yourself. Reading this has made me want to start read more of his writing. I haven’t read much honesty though his movie adaptations I do enjoy, which should have encouraged me to read his work in the first place (the book is always better than the movie).


In my writing I haven’t done much recently which is sad, though I do continue the story in my head as I’m trying to fall asleep at night. It isn’t on paper though so I sometimes worry if I create a brilliant scene in my head right before bed that it might not make it into the storyline the next day.


That’s mostly what I’ve done these past few weeks. It’s not much when you think about how much time has passed but its something. I included this weeks in this post, though I usually don’t post until Saturday, just because I was not sure I’d get the chance this weekend. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I’ll see you back here next week.


Books I’ve read (listened too) this past few weeks.

Click to see on Amazon


My Lady Jane by [Hand, Cynthia, Ashton, Brodi, Meadows, Jodi]   

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It’s coming!!

Down to the wire and Loving Allison is now ready to be put on sale so… June 11th I am having a cover reveal that has turned into a book launch! Join the fun and find out the surprise! Just come over to Facebook and read about it. Check out the different blogs that are involved, go to Goodreads and add it to your TBR list and read a snippet of the new book.


Now to the fun stuff that’s going on now. On Amazon for FREE you can get my short story Cupid’s Test. Also Finding Samantha is now on sale for only .99 that’s half off! That’s right to get ready for Loving Allison you can now buy Finding Samantha for only .99 and get caught up. Can’t wait to see you all there!


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Well true to my word I said I would keep you updated if I found anything new, as far as trying to reach people with writing and whatnot. Well someone on google+ introduced me to this new website called glipho (New to me, looks like it’s been around a while) You are able to import your webpage posts, like from WordPress or Blogspot (so you don’t have to write them all over again) and post new things to their webpage. It’s like a blogspot I guess.

You have your own wall that you post your thoughts, has to be 150 words, which I didn’t realize was kind of hard to get. Anyway you post it there with a ‘primary topic’ and people can look under those topic headings, like if you want to write about travle you use that primary topic and people can browse that topic and find your page. I have had quite a few people look at my posts already and I just started yesterday. So far I’m throughly enjoying the new experence and invite everyone to join me! If you want to look me up and ‘follow’ me there just click here I am so glad that I had asked for help with finding places to reach out to people or I never would have found this place.

So thanks to the person that introduced me to this website and I hope to see you all there blogging it up lol


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I have been trying to get my name ‘out there’ so to speak. Hoping people will hear about me and want to get to know me a little better, look at my blog, follow me on twitter, read my book Finding Samantha You know that kind of thing. I believe I have done all I can at the moment anyway. I have the blog/website where there are samples of my books and I put my thoughts out there for the world to see lol. I made myself a twitter account, I already had the the facebook account, I’m on Goodreads and I’m sure there are other things that I have done I can’t think of right now. If you want you can click on all the links and it will lead you to all my different pages. I have tried to link everything together to that when I put up a new post for my webpage it will appear almost everywhere. I enjoy the fact that by clicking publish Facebook, Goodreads and twitter will all display that I have a new post. Only problem is I have no idea if people are actually looking at it or not. People usually don’t leave comment. I would LOVE some comments. Even if its just a ‘hey how’s it going’ or an answer to a question I usually leave at the end of each post.

One good thing I’ve found about my writing and books in general is that I actually can talk to strangers about books. I am not a people person by nature. I don’t like meeting new people and have panic attacks if I’m around too many or if there are people too close to me. When talking about books however I’m just fine. I could chat to someone all day. That usually opens the door for other conversations that I would not have been able to have if I hadn’t been able to discuss books first. I was on my yahoo IM yesterday and decided to go into a chat room that was supposed to be about literacy. We all know how chat rooms go so it took me a little bit to find one that had real people in it. At the time they were not talking about books but I actually got them to start talking. I told them about my book and people started asking me questions. It was the best thing ever. I am extremely new to the whole author thing. I have not had a chance to have people ask me questions about how I write or how often or about my characters and these people did all that. They looked up my book and put a link for it in the chat room I gave them my website address. I had a lot of fun talking to them and it just reminded me how awesome it can be to talk to people I don’t know about my books. I think I’m going to have to find different chat rooms and talk about my book to more people.

I hadn’t thought of chat rooms as a way to network before but clearly it’s a good idea. Even if they don’t buy the book my name is now in their head. Who knows they may get it and read it and like it or they may suggest it to a friend if Romance isn’t there kind of book. However it works out I’m glad that I decided to try it and I suggest it to every one else.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to network? Does anyone know how to get my book to people that can read it and give reviews on it? I really did that. Does anyone else have the same problem I do that they can’t seem to get a conversation going except for one particular thing they could talk to even strangers about all day? What is your thing that gets you going so much?