4/22 Snippet


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Snippet Sunday

Kat and the Cursed


Victor had watched Kat from the moment she climbed out of the car, like he did with both girls before her. This one seemed different though. He was impressed that she took her own bags out of the car and surprisingly pleased when she complemented his painting. He couldn’t help but laugh – and was almost caught for it – when she asked if he thought he was a vampire. He actually didn’t want Pam to tell her about his accident though it was the same thing she told the other two. For some reason he didn’t want her to know. It was almost like he felt if she needed to know about what he looked like he wanted to tell her, or show her.

Show her, now that was a laugh like he would show anyone. He didn’t want that last girl to know what he looked like, but she went looking for him then screamed and ran away. Like he was going to show anyone, ever, after that mess.


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