Hestia’s Vacation

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When the Goddess Hestia is forced to go on vacation by her brother Zeus she meets a mortal who changes her world. Will she be able to love Nicholas and leave him? Will Zeus let him become immortal for her?

Hestia looked into her fire with longing. She loved tending to the sacred flame on Mount Olympus, but some days she missed having company. She didn’t want to join the others in their processions or who knew what else. She didn’t enjoy making a spectacle of herself. She received offerings from her worshipers and in return she offered warmth and comfort. That was all she needed in that regard however a little interaction on occasion would be nice. Sometimes she felt like they’d all forgotten her.

“Hessie,” Zeus’ voice startled her. “Sorry sister, I didn’t mean to startle you. I wanted to talk to you, I’m worried. Are you sure you want to continue this?” He sat down in the chair opposite his sister.

“Continue what brother?” She looked at him wide eyed.

“Don’t give me that. You swore, on my head no less, that you would not have a man. I can see how lonely you are. How can you provide safe and happy homes for all our people if you are unhappy in your own home? Please just take back what you said. Let the boys vie for your love.” He took her hand. “I love you very much big/little sister. I can’t stand to see you this way.”

“I appreciate your concern but I will not be swayed. I could only choose one and I do not want to cause trouble between anyone. You know that, I gave up my seat so as not to cause trouble. Please respect my wishes.”

“Well either way I release you from your oath. If you wish to find love you may. I hope you choose too. However if you are not going to choose love, then you are going to go to Earth for a while.”

“What are you talking about? I can’t leave the flame you know that.”

“Yes you can and you will. I am Zeus, I can get someone else to look after the fire while you’re gone.” He stood up the matter being closed to him. “If you do not go on your own I will force you to go. You know I have the power.”

Hestia glared at him “do not try to bully me brother.”

“I do not mean to boss you around. I only want to take care of you. You are constantly taking care of us and our people it is unfair of us to take advantage of you any longer. Poseidon has set up lodgings for you. You can take a break, relax don’t worry about your flame we will keep it going for you.”

“Brother not Poseidon, I already told you I don’t want him.” She stood as well. It was pointless to argue with her brother when he had his mind set. She would go for a day or two. That would be vacation enough for her.

“He will not be there. I have told him he is not to bother you unless you call him. Go relax and have a good time please.” He put a hand on his sister’s shoulder. “No one knows the burdens of being a God more than you and I. I have my wonderful wife to help me; you need someone. If you will not take a husband it is my job to make sure that you are taken care of.”

“I am capable of taking care of myself.” She smiled anyway and gently touched his cheek. “Thank you for trying to look after me. I will go today; will you have someone ready in a few hours?”

“I already have someone. You just go and don’t worry about anything.” He handed her a slip of paper. “This is the address and the name of someone who will be able to help you if you need it.”

“Thank you, brother.” She watched him walk out the door before opening the note. The man she was to ask for was Nicholas. She smiled before disappearing to the address written on the slip of paper.

*                                                                 *                                                                                   *

The cottage was beautiful. A fireplace took center stage in the living room. It could be seen from every point in the house, even the bedroom if the door was left open. She didn’t like to admit it but Poseidon did seem to know her. Before she built her fire she decided to take a walk along the beach that was right out the back door. There weren’t any other houses for miles so she decided to take off her robe and walk in her undergarments. She believed the mortals called them bathing suits.

The warm sea breeze felt wonderful on her skin, coating it in a thin moist layer of salt water. Her hair was becoming entangled and stiff from the breeze coming off the ocean but she didn’t mind. She stood for a moment breathing deeply closing her eyes and letting the Earth talk to her. She rarely left her fire, so this jaunt to Earth was a rare and special thing. She decided as long as she was here she’d make the most of it.

She didn’t know how long she had been standing there, perhaps hours. The sun was starting to set the warm breeze turning cool. Still she didn’t mind. She enjoyed the sunset.

“Hello?” A voice startled her out of her thoughts. She turned to find a tall well built man walking toward her. His clothes were not ideal for the beach Hestia didn’t think, though who knew what humans wore and why. He had on well worn jeans that clung in all right places. A blue t-shirt that fit snugly, displaying his powerful arms. The muscles well defined even in his relaxed posture. Hestia looked at his face to find intense brown eyes looking her over as she had him. His hair was close cut little more than brown fuzz leaving his strong male features open to her wandering eyes. A strong chin led to full kissable lips. He was very handsome and Hestia enjoyed looking at him. When she again looked at his eyes she found him to be watching her.

“Hello.” She responded smiling a little. She was a Goddess why was she so unsure of herself. It was her self imposed lack of interactions that was holding her back she just knew it. She should have talked to people more then she wouldn’t be feeling so uneasy now.

“My name is Nicholas. I was told I would find you here. I am here to help you with anything you need during your stay.” He smiled and Hestia found it made him even more handsome, she hadn’t thought that to be possible.

“Well, I thank you but I don’t need assistance at the moment.” She replied. “I’m about to go inside right now.” She nodded her head toward the house as if he didn’t know it was there. She rolled her eyes at herself. She was being silly because of a handsome man, grinding her teeth she looked at the ocean instead of him.

“May I join you Goddess?” He asked causing her to look at him again.

“Please, call me Hestia.” She thought a moment. What could it hurt to have a companion for a little while? She needed interaction with someone. “I suppose it wouldn’t be a problem.” She turned and walked back to the house very aware of the man right behind her. She had never been so aware of someone before. Never found a man so attractive and appealing. Something deep within her wanted this man. She wasn’t supposed to want any man. It had to be Zeus. She was going to kill her brother.

Nicholas walked behind Hestia. Her beautiful golden hair hung down almost to her bottom but didn’t obstruct his view of the tight ass as it swayed. The bathing suit she wore didn’t cover much but it did manage to cover what he considered the good stuff. He chuckled a little at his own thoughts. She was tall, almost as tall as himself. Her legs seemed to go on forever and she was in perfect shape. Her stomach was flat and smooth, hips flaring out just enough to make him crazy. Her eyes however, were the most beautiful part of her, a turquoise that was as bottomless as the tropical sea. He knew he could drown in those eyes if he wasn’t careful.

When he had gotten the message he had to go wait hand and foot, on some Goddess he had laughed. He’d never really believed in Gods and Goddesses like everyone else. After he had tried to make plans for the week four different times and they had all backfired on him he figured he better do as he was told. As Nicholas saw it he would have to serve either a really old woman or someone so full of herself that he wouldn’t be able to stand to be around her. Now looking at Hestia he was glad he had been forced to go. At least he would be able to look at her all week.

Hestia felt self-conscious as she held the door open for Nicholas. He walked into the house and she admired his backside. The jeans showed off his nice ass. She noticed that he was just a bit taller than herself. He didn’t seem too nervous either which she was glad for. “Why don’t you get settled and I’ll start us something for dinner.” Hestia said as she headed for the kitchen.

“I thought I was to be helping you.” Nicholas followed her. The kitchen wasn’t really separated from the living room. An island in the middle of the floor and a change from carpet to tile were the only differences.

“Not to be rude or anything but your hands don’t look like you’re a cook. You look like you do hard labor.” She laughed as she pulled out things from the fridge. “What do you do for a living?”

“I build homes. I think it may be why they chose me. I build homes, you’re the Goddess of hearth and home.” He started pulling out pots and pans, it looked like they would be having chicken tonight.

“I’m also the Goddess of cooking, so why don’t you build us a fire and I’ll do this. It won’t take long.” She smiled at him. It felt like she had always known him. She was never this comfortable with anyone so quickly.

“Alright, that sounds like a fair trade.” He headed to the fireplace. “So what are you doing slumming it on Earth anyway?” He asked glancing back at her. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her she was so beautiful.

“Zeus made me come. He thinks I work too much and that I need to find love. I mean, as if that is going to happen.” She scoffed.

“Why don’t you think you’ll find love?” She wasn’t at all like he had imagined a Goddess would be. He enjoyed listening to her talk, enjoyed being around her. He was usually a loner; he hadn’t found a female that he actually wanted to be around in… well ever.

“I have sworn on Zeus’s head that I won’t love a man, even if he lets me out of it. What does love bring besides sadness and worry? Besides, how can I find someone to love on Earth? Everyone is a mortal, there is no way I could fall for a mortal. They would eventually grow old and die.” She shuttered at that thought.

“I’m sure Zeus would let them have immortality if you loved them. He’s the one that sent you out here to find someone in the first place. Why would he do that knowing that the man you fell in love with would be taken away from you sometime in the future?” The fire was building now and Nicholas found himself wandering back to be closer to her.

“The mortal would have to go through challenges that Zeus would make up. Immortality is a huge deal. He would have to make sure that the mortal deserved it. Just claiming they loved me wouldn’t be enough they would have to prove that love. It would be horrible and I doubt anyone would be willing to go through that kind of hardship for me.”


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  1. i must admit im normally not into godess stories but i must megan dang girl you are an awsome writer always leaving me to want more


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