Halloween Madness

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Tish doesn’t know much about being a Werewolf, being changed when she was an adult she never wanted to have much to do with her pack. She doesn’t know about the Halloween Madness that can strike on the full moon around Halloween, an uncontrollable urge to find the ‘one true mate’ that all Werewolves are trying to find.  Her best friend Cherry convinces her to go to a Mating Party, a party that Werewolves can go and meet others in hopes of finding their ‘one true mate’ on Halloween. Not knowing about this madness Tish thinks she has found the man of her dreams in Ike at this party. However another has spotted Tish and wants her for himself. It is decided that the two will fight for her and she will have to go with the winner. Tish isn’t sure she wants either man now, not sure if its love or Halloween Madness.
“Where are you!” Cherry was calling it was nice she was so worried about me.
“I went to Ike’s place. He and another wolf got in a fight over me and Ike was hurt pretty bad I couldn’t let him be alone.” I closed the bedroom door behind me and walked around the small living room. Ike had a small apartment a town away from where the party had been. I lived in the other direction, two towns away.
“Alpha is pissed!” Cherry said I could hear her pacing.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“That wolf that Ike fought was from our pack. At the party it’s ok to choose someone from another pack but after you left the safety of the party he had every right to you. Then you go home with Ike, to another pack. He’s so mad right now. You have to come home. He wants to see you at the full moon Halloween party. You can’t leave our area. If you do  he will banish you from the pack and no one will take you. I’m sorry Tish I didn’t think anything like this would happen.” For once I heard regret in her voice, compassion made me more worried than anything else she had said.
“Alright, I’ll just let Ike know and I’ll be on my way.”
“I don’t know if I would do that if I were you. You don’t even know this guy. What if this was what he wanted, their pack may want to start a war with our pack.”
“Don’t be silly. I’ll leave in an hour and be home soon ok.” I didn’t give her a chance to answer I hung up on her.
“Tish?” Ike called from the other room. If he woke up during the conversation he would have heard my side but not Cherry’s. I walked back into the bedroom to find him trying to get up.
“Hey, it’s alright lie down.” Quickly I went to his side and gently pushed him back down.
“What’s wrong?” Well he wasn’t one to beat around the bush.
“Cherry said that guy from last night was from my own pack.” I saw that he knew what that meant right away. “My Alpha is pissed and I have to go home and stay in my pack area until the Halloween full moon event. He wants to see me there.”
“You can’t go; he’ll kill you, or give you to that guy.”
“I have to, Cherry said he will disown me and no one will take me. Besides I have a life and I at least need to get it in order before I up and move away. It’ll be fine. No one can make me do anything I don’t want to do.” I said it but I didn’t completely believe it. They both were a little too freaked out for me. It seemed they knew something more than I did, which didn’t surprise me. I knew almost nothing about this life.
“Tish, I don’t want you to go please. Stay here I’ll protect you. I’ll petition my Alpha to be able to keep you. He’d protect you.” He placed a hand on my cheek. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”
I put my hand over his. “Thank you Ike but I have to go. We are not starting a war over this.” I leaned down and kissed him. “Please be careful and take it easy I want you to heal properly.” I got my shoes on and left.
Cherry was waiting for me at my apartment when I walked up my steps. “So how bad is it really?” I asked before she could say anything. I knew I looked a mess. I had been so tired after helping Ike into his place and bandaging him up that I had just fallen into bed and slept. I needed to take a shower and change out of the stupid costume.
“Well, if that guy still wants you Alpha could give you to him, if no one contests him. If someone does they have to fight for you and whoever wins gets you.” She followed me to my room and watched as I got out clothes. “You know if you came to more pack events this wouldn’t be happening.”
“Don’t scold me now on the importance of the pack ok.” I knew she was right and didn’t like it. “How can he just give me to someone? What if I refuse?” I asked walking to the bathroom and turning on the shower.
“You refuse to do as Alpha tells you he fights you and kills you. It is seen as a challenge to his authority as Alpha. Pack members like you do as they are told and don’t get much of a say. He barely knows who you are. He thinks’ he’s been too lenient on you.”
I stripped and climbed into the shower. Cherry sat on the toilet. “This is a bunch of bull shit just because I like a guy from another pack and that guy stood up for me. What if Ike challenges him at the full moon party?” I asked poking my head out.
“You would have to get permission from Alpha first. If you had done this the right way you may have had a chance. Now that he’s already so mad I don’t think there’s a whole lot to be done. Did you know that we all get a little ‘mate’ crazy around Halloween? Maybe that’s what this is all about, maybe you and this guy just think you have a connection. Since it’s on the full moon I think it’s gone into overdrive. I shouldn’t have even gone myself. I had quite a few guys try to claim to be my mate last night.” Cherry answered, “I’m really sorry Tish. I know you didn’t even want to go you just did because it was Halloween and I begged you. I should have known it was the worst time to bring you there.”
“Don’t worry about it I made my own decisions last night. I don’t think it’s this Halloween madness but it is something to think about. None of this is your fault. Halloween is tomorrow. I think I’m just going to stay home and enjoy my last night of freedom before someone takes me. But I’ll let you know one thing if this guy thinks he’s going to get himself a good little wolf he’s got another thing coming.”
Cherry laughed “good luck with that. Do you need anything? I’ve got to get going.”
“I’m fine. Thanks for the heads up and trying to look out for me.” I poked my head out again. “Call me if you hear anything changes.”
“You bet I will.” She answered smiling a little. “See ya Tish.”

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