Cupid’s Test

Cover art designed by Jillian Eaton
Cover art designed by Jillian Eaton

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When the Tooth Fairy wants to knock Cupid down a peg she decides to test him to see if he really can make any two people fall in love.
Jay and Lilly are two completely different people but when a snow storm forces them to be in each others company for a week they quickly realize how opposites can attract. After finding out that they are on two different sides of a court case the question now is can they get passed it or will the week they had be their first and last?


Are you really telling me you can make any two people fall in love?” Tooth Fairy asked clearly not believing him.

“Well yeah. If I decide that two people should be together I will make it happen.” He answered quite full of himself.

“Alright I’m going to test you. I’ll choose the two people and you will have to make them fall in love with each other and it can’t take forever. You have one month to make them madly in love.” Tooth Fairy said smiling as Cupid looked a little sick to his stomach. “You said it takes no time at all. Are you going back on what you said now?”

“No I can do it. There are a few rules though. Like they have to be near each other, and I have to see them before you chose them. I’ll know after seeing both of them if there will be any kind of attraction. It comes with the job, just being able to see if they would like each other.”

“I can agree with that. I’ll get back to you when I find them.” Tooth Fairy flew off before Cupid could say anymore.

“Why do you guys always get into it?” Jack asked laughing. “I don’t think we have ever had a get together without you two arguing about something.”

“She’s just jealous.”

“I don’t think that’s it.” Easter said hopping over. “She collects teeth from children. She hears the adults fight and sometimes can hear the children crying before they fall asleep. She thinks that you don’t do a very good job. She doesn’t like it when parents get divorced or when they fight all the time and make the children upset.”

“Well that’s not my fault. I don’t put all couples together. What does she think, that I put every couple together that has ever been? I don’t have that much power.” Cupid looked in the direction that Tooth Fairy had flown. “No wonder she doesn’t really like me. I’m much more careful with who I put together than that. You would think she would know that by my stipulation that I have to meet both people before I would agree to help them fall in love.”

“You know, she’s going to make this very hard for you right? She’s trying to prove a point. You may just want to concede now and let her win. It might win her over for you.” Jack said shrugging. “It’s not like she’s going to pick people that will actually be good together anyway.”

“No I think I need to do this. She can be with me through the whole process. That way she can learn how I do it. She needs to know that I’m careful with my pairings. I wish she would have just asked me about it rather than make up this stupid test but I’ll play along.”

It was a few weeks before Cupid heard anything back from Tooth Fairy. He figured that she had decided not to test him at all. “Ok, I’ve got it!” He turned to find Tooth Fairy flying full speed at him. “I’ve got the two I want you to make fall in love. They usually live a few hours apart but they are both going on vacation in the same area.”

“I might be able to make that work. Where are they?” They both flew off, Cupid a little nervous. He wanted this to work to be able to show Tooth Fairy what he does. “These two you must be kidding!” He exclaimed after seeing both of them. They were at opposite ends of the spectrum.

“You only said they needed to be compatiblee. Are they?” Tooth Fairy knew she sounded smug.

“Yes but, they have nothing in common.” Cupid said running his hands through his hair frustrated.

“You didn’t say that was a stipulation.”

“Alright fine, when do they go on their vacation?”

“Two weeks.”

“I’ll give each of them a week. I need to learn about them. It helps me to work my magic. You have to stay around me and learn how I do this. That’s part of the deal.”

“I think I can handle that. I might need to take off to do my rounds but other than that I’m yours until this thing is over.”


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