Handsome Stranger

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Abby is not very popular at the school she works in, until Nate takes the Music
Teacher position. After one meeting Abby is finding herself thinking things
about Nate she hadn’t thought in a long time. Nate finds her very attractive and
invites her over for a dinner party. He has no idea it will change his life


Abby worked on cleaning her classroom after the children left for the day. The school was still humming with teachers and students doing afterschool activities. There was nothing she was involved in however so she took her time. In no hurry to get home to her empty one bedroom apartment.

She could hear the other teachers greeting each other. Seeking out friends to make plans for the evening or for the next night being the start of the weekend. She knew none would venture into her room however. She was too shy to try to make friends and most thought she was a snob and looked down on them because of her inability to socialize with them.

Silently she longed for the college days when she would hang out with her friends. They had understood her quite nature and helped her to live a full college life without ever pushing her too far. Sadly all her friends had moved away or gotten married. She was the only one to take the first job she could find. A small town where everyone had known everyone since birth and no one took very kindly to an outsider that wasn’t outgoing. She was sure if she could step out of her comfort zone and approach some of them they would accept her. However every time she tried she had a panic attack and finally she decided it wasn’t worth the stress. If only someone would take the time to get to know her on her comfort level. She would be open to so many more people if she had someone to cling to at school staff get-togethers.

A knock on the door startled her out of her self-pitying. Before she could turn around she heard a voice from the hall “don’t bother. You’ll learn soon enough, she’s as cold and frozen as ice.” She cringed at the words hiding her face from the stranger. It took her a moment to control herself enough to turn around.

In the doorway stood a man more handsome than anyone Abby had ever encountered. His auburn hair was cut short, his eyes were hazel. Her breath caught in her throat when he smiled at her. “Hi. I’m the new music teacher.” He walked into her classroom and Abby just watched him. His eyes looked down cast a little like he was embarrassed by the unknown person in the hall.

She desperately wished she had dressed with a little more care this morning. She really wished she’d worn makeup. Her mind was franticly trying to find something to say back to him. Instead it kept repeating ‘he’s hot, he’s hot,’ over and over again. This was clearly not what she wanted to blurt out upon first meeting the man.

“Names Nate.” He held out his hand for her. His smile blinding her momentarily with how it lit up his face and made his eyes crinkle endearingly.  “Nate Sommers.” He tried again. Slowly his hand fell away when she didn’t take it.

‘Shit, shit, shit’. Her mind started to repeat. “Sorry, my name is Abby Tate. It’s nice to meet you.” She smiled a bit and he grinned back at her. “What happened to…” She trailed off she didn’t even know the old woman’s name.

“The old woman?” Nate supplied laughing a little. “She retired, you didn’t go to the party?”

“Um… I hadn’t known there was one.” Abby answered truthfully. They never told her about anything anymore. They assumed that she wouldn’t go because she hadn’t yet.

“I hadn’t officially started yet but she invited me to meet everyone. I glanced in your room and didn’t recognize you so I thought I’d introduce myself. I thought I had just missed you at the party.” He seemed a little confused to Abby. She guessed he was wondering why no one told her about the party.

“I don’t usually get told about get-togethers.” Abby answered honestly. There was no point in acting like everyone liked her. She knew everyone would warn him about her as soon as he left her room. They already tried to warn him when they knew she could hear. He didn’t seem to know what to say to her statement and she felt bad about making the nice introduction into something uncomfortable for him. She usually had that effect on people though. They never seemed to know how to react to her candor.

“Well I’m having a get-together” he chuckled at the odd words “at my house tonight around 7 o’clock. It’s short notice I know but I would like it if you’d come.” She tensed and he noticed. “There won’t be many people and you don’t need to stay long if you get overwhelmed.

She looked at him shocked. Not many people understood her hesitation at accepting invitations to their house. They usually assumed it was because she didn’t like them. No one ever had thought maybe she was just uncomfortable. “I… Well, thanks.” She couldn’t help admire his long lean stature. She found herself eyeing him shamefully. His eyes looked so nice, and caring she noticed that there was a ring of brown inside of the hazel. She shook her head realizing she’d been gazing into his eyes like a love sick teen.

He smiled and reached for the pencil in her hair. He pulled it out causing her mass of shining brown hair to cascade around her face. He took in a breath staring at her. Finally he blinked a few times “sorry, I didn’t realize it was the only thing holding it up.”  He looked away again embarrassed and she found the look adorable on his handsome face.

“Don’t worry about it.” She actually laughed a little she was surprised how easy it was to talk to this handsome stranger. She usually got tongue tied or didn’t know what to say. Though truthfully he was doing most of the talking and she was doing the staring.

He grabbed a piece of paper off the table and wrote something down. “My address and phone number, I really would like you to come Abby.” He smiled holding out the paper for her.

She took it her hand shaking just a little. “I think I will Nate.” She smiled again shyly suddenly feeling very nervous like she was being asked out on a date. Just a party Abbs get a hold of yourself. She scolded forcing herself to calm down and stop shaking.

“Your hair looks beautiful like that.” He said reaching out and slightly brushing it before turning and walking out her door without saying anything else.

Abby watched him walk away. He had a nice tight ass and firm long legs. His stride full of power and propose, she looked around taken aback. She forgot she was still in her classroom. She felt herself burning inside. Quite startled she realized she wanted that tall stranger. Her face burned as she hurried to get her things and leave as if someone could read her thoughts.


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