New Year, New Me

This last year has had a lot of changes and my writing suffered. As with most I am thinking about what I didn’t do throughout 2014 and what I would like to do through 2015. As you can tell I did not post on this page at all for 2014, something that should not have happened. I found a great list of things for a writer at huffingtonpost. It has great ideas on what you can do as a writer to keep active throughout the year and help you in your writing. I plan on getting started with this right away. One was post to your blog and set how many times you will post¬†a month. I’m thinking once a month for this year as I see more changes coming in my life soon and once a month shouldn’t be too hard. I will try more often. I also want to join a writing group (anyone know of one?) and try to submit to some companies this year. I have no idea what companies but I’m going to start to do some research. I like self publishing but I would like to work with a company that has more experience than I do. I also am going to have my hands full with the classes I’m taking but I’m going to take at least one day a week for me, writing or just relaxing. I think I’m over due for some me time. Anyone else have ideas they are going to try out for the new year?


Been a while

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I know you’ve all been worried cause it’s been so long… ūüėČ No my head hasn’t exploded because I was trying to figure out a scene for my next book and couldn’t (though it could have the ending of my latest was brutal). I’m not sitting in a corner rocking back and forth mumbling nonsense cause I’ve lost my mind¬†(though¬†I have been known to mumble to myself)¬†I am also not in a coma after staying up too late trying to finish my latest book (I have an ending I just think it’s crap lol)

I have been working very hard on my new website Author-Reader Mixer (see above).¬†It’s where I will have spotlight books, interviews and¬†*hopefully* helpful information for authors¬†(YAY!)¬†I haven’t really written at all for a while. I knocked out the ending to my New Adult but I don’t think I like it and I’m not sure what to do to change it so I’ve kind of been at a stand still.

Author-Reader Mixer is really kicking off on Monday. It’d be great to have everyone pop over and take a look that day, it’s my first Book Spotlight and the next day is the author interview with the writer of the book so you get to learn more about the book and the author herself. I¬† have got something scheduled for the next four weeks after that I’ll need more material. I’ve been asking some editors, cover artists and publishes if they would like to guest post on my page about their work and maybe give some helpful tips. Hopefully they will respond.

I have a lot of author followers and would like to post things not only for readers looking for new books but also to help authors. It is hard to find a place that can connect you and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make my site do that. If work in the publishing/book writing/editing/cover artist field (or any other that I’m not thinking of that goes with writing) PLEASE contact me if your willing to guest blog.

I am taking all kinds right now. I’m in the works to have my sisters work with me on reviewing books as well. As soon as I know if they can I will put a page on just for information about reviewing. We like different¬†kinds so we most likely will be able to do a large array of books. We all have full time jobs and run around after kiddo’s so I figured if we all do it together we should be able to do a steady stream of reviews rather than me by myself which would be quite a while between reviews because of my own writing and work and kiddo.

Well if you are an author and would like to have a place for some free advertising or if you work in the field and would like the same or if you’d just like to guest post about something important to you (book related please) contact me! I’ll get you scheduled. I try to make it fun and painless to be on my site. There is a page that lets you know what kind of service you get when working with me. So head on over and check it out! For Authors


Author Day! Add your FB & Web pages

I have decided to do an author day for all my friends that are authors. So on here write in the comments your author website and¬†we can all take turns¬†following each other’s pages. I have found a lot of great pages through this from other sites and want my readers to get the same benefits.

On my facebook page I have status about Author day and you can put the link to your fan page on Facebook for people to like your page. Share the FB status with your readers to get the most likes for everyone! You can also put your favorite author pages /book pages to share what you love with others so they can love it as well!