Up and running again

Hello all, if there is anyone left. It has been a very long time since I have written. I have moved many times in the last couple of years because of my husbands job and I am working full time as well as raising my son so life has been a bit hectic. I am determined to try to get back into the swing of writing and that will start with trying writing prompts for the first time. I will try to do one a month a least and post it here. That will get my creative juices flowing (though they never really stopped I just stopped putting the ideas on paper) and will give a post for my blog for all of you to read. I’m not promising anything amazing, I’d imagine they are going to make you laugh with how bad they are but we will see. I’m kind of excited for my new idea… lets see if I can keep up with it. Thanks for taking the journey with me. I’m also thinking of starting to talk about books I’m currently reading, or shows I’m currently watching. Feel free to suggest shows, books, movies or anything else you love.



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Well I haven’t been on in a long time! A lot has changed in the last few weeks. My publishing company has decided to close its doors so I am trying my hand at self publishing through Amazon.com. I am having a re-release party on Facebook. Click the link to join the fun. It will be on Monday all day and you can join in at any time. Right now I only have my books that have previously been released on sale. I am however working on quite a few that need to find endings and be polished up before going on sale. I will keep you updated on those releases as I get them. Now I need to change all my pictures over so when you click on them you will get the proper Amazon page to buy the book. Hope to hear from you Monday!thumbnail


Author Interview

Well my life is getting back to some kind of order. My son has a regular sleep schedule which gives me time to write and do author interviews for AAD. I hope to start being able to read to the books on my AAD Reading Challenge not holding my breath though, there is still so much to do between the little one and getting my house ready to sell. I have had two author interviews, the first one was back on April 16th. You can still check it out on Good Choice Reading. The other was today at Book Faery, it was put on just today. I will have more coming up so I’ll let you know when those come up as well. Some I have giveaway’s with as well so keep a look out for them. Thanks to all the fans and I hope to get some new stuff out there for you soon!




Authors After Dark 2012 Reading Challenge


I have decided to join in on the AAD Reading Challenge. I have tried to do this myself each year I go and the first year I did a great job and was able to talk to a lot of authors about their books. Last year was not as good and I know that it hurt my ability to talk to a lot of people. (I don’t do well with new people lol) So I am going to join in and also follow what others are reading and their reviews for the books so that I may get as many new authors to talk to as I can before I go.


Click on my link at the top to see the books I am going to try to read and their reviews. I am going to review them on their amazon websites or on goodreads. I know I enjoy hearing what people think of my work, I would imagine that these authors would as well. Even if your not going to AAD this year. It’s a great way to read new authors so feel free to join in. Click the picture to join in on the host page that is throwing the challenge and click here for the list of authors. Try to chose one from each category, don’t want to miss out on your next favorite author by choosing the first five people you see.

Here are the guidelines:

•Although AAD 2012 takes place in August, this challenge will run from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.
•Books must be read and reviewed in 2012.
•You can join at anytime during the year.
•Anyone can join (not just book bloggers).


Let me know if your joining in the challenge and what books your going to try to read.



John’s Songs

Hey all

So I said I would post songs for Johns book like I did for Luke and Sam’s. I finally found the song I had been looking for and want to post them before I forget it again lol. Hope you enjoy the songs. Whenever I hear these songs I think of John and his girl Allison (you’ve yet to meet Allison) Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think 🙂


Allison’s Song


John’s song


New Review




I was having a hard time finding people to review Finding Samantha before going to AAD this yer. However with great advice from great bloggers I found the list of bloggers who love to read and review books. They have tons of them on the site you just need to find the ones that read your story and through there I have found a few people willing, just waiting on their back list of books to review to be done. However I had my short story Hestia’s Vacation reviewed by Queentutt’s world of Escapism (you can click on the link to read) and asked her to review Finding Samantha for me. I’m not sure who prompted her to review Love Immortals Pantheon Vol. 5 of which  I am a part and why she reviewed my short story but I’m so glad they did. It was a great review and the same goes for Finding Samantha.

I’m glad that she put what she really thought of the book and I enjoy her rating system. She had noticed at the end of my book I leave Sam and Luke just ‘engaged’ which she wished would have progressed farther and I don’t blame her one bit. I love my charterers and don’t want to end it there which is why in John’s book they are getting married. She was also disappointed that we did not catch Jack yet but have no fear he will be back and be caught, just not sure when yet. May have to wait for Jo’s book. 🙂 I hope you all get a chance to go over and take a look at my review either on her website at Queenutt’s World of Escapism or on Goodreads.