About Me

Hm… About me… I always feel like I’m patting my own back, or am the person that continues to talk about herself when no one wants to listen any more so here’s the run down about myself (I’ll try not to make it too long).

My name, first off, is Megan Grooms. My husband’s name is AJ (he’s the guy in the picture). We live in NC, as he is in the Marines and we are stationed here. We have three dogs (all black lab mixes) and three cats (all nameless mixes). All indoor pets, why get a dog if your going to tie it up outside?

I had been with a publishing company called Tease Publishing. A very small company with wonderful people. They have decided to close their doors however so now I get to do it all on my own. Not too sure about that… It’s been a little rough, I’ll get it figured out though.

In 2011 I released most of my work my first full length book Finding Samantha came out, it’s part of a series that follows different workers on the Rolling Hills Ranch. It’s had some great reviews and I’m going to be getting it into paperback soon (don’t worry I’ll be sure you let you all know I’m sure your chomping at the bit for it) I also had three short stories that year. Hestia’s Vacation, Handsome Stranger, and Halloween Madness.

In 2012 I had my son in January so my life was turned a little upside down. Writing took a back seat to life and I didn’t publish anything.

2013 I’m working on a comeback. I’ve published a short story all on my own called Cupid’s Test and I’ve finished the second book in the Rolling Hills Ranch series called Loving Allison. Just need it edited and a cover, which I should be searching for now lol. I’ve kept my author webpage better updated along with twitter, my author Facebook page and all the other wonderful ‘networking’ spots I have. (I keep tabs for each one on my web browser so I remember to update them)

I love hearing from people the good, the bad, and the awesome so feel free to contact me anyway you can figure out how 🙂 I’m really looking forward to publishing more this year and getting in touch with more readers. If you find any thing you think is intresting let me know and I’ll do the same for you!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. well i must admit i hate hate to read but i read find samantha and feel in love with the book and the characters i cant wait for more

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