Up and running again

Hello all, if there is anyone left. It has been a very long time since I have written. I have moved many times in the last couple of years because of my husbands job and I am working full time as well as raising my son so life has been a bit hectic. I am determined to try to get back into the swing of writing and that will start with trying writing prompts for the first time. I will try to do one a month a least and post it here. That will get my creative juices flowing (though they never really stopped I just stopped putting the ideas on paper) and will give a post for my blog for all of you to read. I’m not promising anything amazing, I’d imagine they are going to make you laugh with how bad they are but we will see. I’m kind of excited for my new idea… lets see if I can keep up with it. Thanks for taking the journey with me. I’m also thinking of starting to talk about books I’m currently reading, or shows I’m currently watching. Feel free to suggest shows, books, movies or anything else you love.




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