New Year, New Me

This last year has had a lot of changes and my writing suffered. As with most I am thinking about what I didn’t do throughout 2014 and what I would like to do through 2015. As you can tell I did not post on this page at all for 2014, something that should not have happened. I found a great list of things for a writer at huffingtonpost. It has great ideas on what you can do as a writer to keep active throughout the year and help you in your writing. I plan on getting started with this right away. One was post to your blog and set how many times you will post a month. I’m thinking once a month for this year as I see more changes coming in my life soon and once a month shouldn’t be too hard. I will try more often. I also want to join a writing group (anyone know of one?) and try to submit to some companies this year. I have no idea what companies but I’m going to start to do some research. I like self publishing but I would like to work with a company that has more experience than I do. I also am going to have my hands full with the classes I’m taking but I’m going to take at least one day a week for me, writing or just relaxing. I think I’m over due for some me time. Anyone else have ideas they are going to try out for the new year?



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