Attention Fellow Authors

My previous website on was not getting much use since I started this so I’ve decided what I want to do with it. I am going to start hosting cover reveal parties, book launches, author interviews, and guest posts.

As I have gone through trying to publish my own work I have found that it is extremely hard to find bloggers that are willing to post your cover reveals or any of the other things I’ve tried to do on my own so I am offering my website for that. If you are an author and would like to be a part my new endeavor just send me a message. As well as being on that blog I will have a page here that I will keep updated with the info from that page I will also share it on twitter and my FB page. Though I don’t have many ‘followers’ of that blog at the moment I will be getting more so please count me in on your next release.

Hop on over and check out the page:

Reader-Author Mixer – Where readers can find new authors to love and authors can get love from readers.



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