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Cover Reveal

So I have decided that I’m am going to do a cover reveal of Loving Allison on June 11th. I will reveal it here as well as a few other blogs. That day I will have a ‘party’ on facebook and may do a giveaway. Have to stay tuned to find out. 🙂 I’m pretty excited about this cover because it is one I made all by myself. I hope everyone loves it (or at least likes it a little) If you would like to be in on the fun happening June 11th just contact me here or email me at groomsbooks @ I would love to have as many people as I could do this.


I’m also looking for readers for the book so that I can have reviews about it as soon as it is released. It’s in it’s final stages of editing for me and then I send it to my wonderful Editor who will be taking over from there. Hopefully it will all be done by the end of June.  I will be publishing for Kindle and Print right away. I’m thinking I might do some kind of promotional with Finding Samantha before the release but I’m not sure yet we shall see! Well that’s enough for me today. I’ve got to get this editing done and get to work. Once again and as always thanks for the wonderful support that everyone gives each and every day!



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