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Now in Print

Finding Samantha is now in print! That’s right folks you can now get your copy of Finding Samantha for only 10 $ from (where I get the most royalties from lol) or

I am so excited to be able to offer it in paperback. This is the first one in a long line of books that I will eventually publish (one book at a time). The next book in this series is now in the editing phase and I still hope to have it ready by some time in June. Cross your fingers! I have the cover for it already done and will (at some point soon) have a multi-blog release of the cover for all to see (If you want your blog part of that release contact me!)

I hope that everyone enjoys Finding Samantha and if you live near me or go to come convention I am at I would be happy to sign it for you (not that I’m full of myself and think I’ll have million’s of fans lining up to have me sign their books lol) As always you can join me on my Facebook page (link is to the right) and follow all my up coming work or just stay tuned here. I may not post every day but be assured that I will post and I will ALWAYS get back to you if you leave a comment or question. Thanks!sunflowersunmoon_1


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