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Well true to my word I said I would keep you updated if I found anything new, as far as trying to reach people with writing and whatnot. Well someone on google+ introduced me to this new website called glipho (New to me, looks like it’s been around a while) You are able to import your webpage posts, like from WordPress or Blogspot (so you don’t have to write them all over again) and post new things to their webpage. It’s like a blogspot I guess.

You have your own wall that you post your thoughts, has to be 150 words, which I didn’t realize was kind of hard to get. Anyway you post it there with a ‘primary topic’ and people can look under those topic headings, like if you want to write about travle you use that primary topic and people can browse that topic and find your page. I have had quite a few people look at my posts already and I just started yesterday. So far I’m throughly enjoying the new experence and invite everyone to join me! If you want to look me up and ‘follow’ me there just click here I am so glad that I had asked for help with finding places to reach out to people or I never would have found this place.

So thanks to the person that introduced me to this website and I hope to see you all there blogging it up lol



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