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Random Conversations & Doctor Who

I was on Facebook when someone tagged me in a picture, this one in fact… Dr.who nightmare bc

They know that I love Doctor Who and Nightmare Before Christmas.

I realized while making a comment that there are a few things I can have full conversations about with random people. Most of you are thinking, that’s no big deal but it is for me. I don’t usually talk to people. Much rather talk to my characters while writing my books than people lol.

 Doctor Who however is one of those things I love that I can talk to anyone about. I find out you like it as well I can go on for a long time about it. So is there anything you all find that you can have random conversations with people you don’t know just because you love it so much? A book, movie, TV series? Tell me all about it, maybe I’ll know it and we can chat it up. If I don’t maybe you’ll make a new fan for your favorite thing.



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