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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to leave a note saying thanks to everyone who bought one of my books. I got a statement saying I sold more in this quarter than the last two put together. I was so excited by that. I’m so happy that people are reading my work and hopefully enjoying it.I love to hear feedback from readers in the form of comments or reviews. I try to go to each site that my books are sold on to see what people are saying about them and read reviews of my work on Goodreads.


I appreciate everyone that takes the time to write something no matter if its 10 words or 100 you took the time to let me and others know what you think and I am very grateful for that. If you would like to email me directly you can contact me at (Just use the @ sign instead of at lol, spammers can email me if I put it on correctly).


I do have another short story out now that released on Halloween, it’s called Halloween Madness and is my first crack at Urban Fantasy, this one with Werewolves. I would love to know how people feel about this book. I enjoyed writing it. Here is the cover and a blurb about the book. Click the picture for a link to the All Romance ebooks website to buy your copy.

Tish doesn’t know much about being a Werewolf, being changed when she was an adult she never wanted to have much to do with her pack. She doesn’t know about the Halloween Madness that can strike on the full moon around Halloween, an uncontrollable urge to find the ‘one true mate’ that all Werewolves are trying to find.  Her best friend Cherry convinces her to go to a Mating Party, a party that Werewolves can go and meet others in hopes of finding their ‘one true mate’ on Halloween. Not knowing about this madness Tish thinks she has found the man of her dreams in Ike at this party. However another has spotted Tish and wants her for himself. It is decided that the two will fight for her and she will have to go with the winner. Tish isn’t sure she wants either man now, not sure if its love or Halloween Madness.


I love Urban Fantasy and hope to write more however I need to finish Rolling Hills. I’m thinking about finishing a book I have about sister witches and sending that in to Tease soon to see what they think about it. I was also thinking about a Christmas short story but I don’t think I have the time this year to get one done we shall see. I need to stop procrastinating and letting myself get away with not writing. Time to buckle down and make myself write for at least an hour a day at first and see where that gets me.


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