I am off to my hometown tomorrow morning. I’m excited to see my family it’s been awhile. I was telling someone today that I was going home however I realized that home is where I live now. My husband and I moved to North Carolina in 2005 we have been here six years now we have bought a home and I have a job and friends. I still find myself thinking of Maine as my home though. I wonder if this is because I know that we are not going to be in North Carolina forever. My husband is looking into become an FBI agent and we will be moving. Even when we get his first station in the FBI I know it’s not permanent. We will be sure to move quite a few times.

Part of me wonders if Maine will always be home just because I grew up there. I was talking with my friends at work about my ‘forever home’ That’s the place that my husband and I will settle down in forever, no more moving. That is the place that I think about as home if I’m not thinking about Maine. All the homes in between are just houses that we will live in for awhile. I do find it funny that when I get to Maine and have been there for a while I want to go back to North Carolina, I guess it’s the saying Home is where the heart is. When I’m with my husband in our home in North Carolina I miss my family in Maine when I’m in Maine I miss my home in North Carolina. Maybe I’m just hard to please lol. Either way I’m excited to be going home to Maine and seeing my family, and will be just as excited to get back home to my husband and my house in North Carolina when I leave there and head back here.

All I know is that with all the moving I’m sure my husband and I will end up doing I am very happy that I have my writing. No matter where I am or where we live I will always have a way to write my books and that is a constant that will be nice to have when I have to make new friends (which I suck at lol) Well it’s time to actually pack for my trip home.

Where do you all call home? Is it the place you live in now, where you grew up, or your dream house?



1 thought on “Home”

  1. Hi cousin. My home is still Maine as well even though I haven’t lived there since I was a kid. In fact to me home is still the house across the street from your Grandmother. I have lived in Oklahoma, Texas, and England since living there but it will always be home. Also, my happy place is on the rocks of Kettle Cove beach.


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