New Review




I was having a hard time finding people to review Finding Samantha before going to AAD this yer. However with great advice from great bloggers I found the list of bloggers who love to read and review books. They have tons of them on the site you just need to find the ones that read your story and through there I have found a few people willing, just waiting on their back list of books to review to be done. However I had my short story Hestia’s Vacation reviewed by Queentutt’s world of Escapism (you can click on the link to read) and asked her to review Finding Samantha for me. I’m not sure who prompted her to review Love Immortals Pantheon Vol. 5 of which  I am a part and why she reviewed my short story but I’m so glad they did. It was a great review and the same goes for Finding Samantha.

I’m glad that she put what she really thought of the book and I enjoy her rating system. She had noticed at the end of my book I leave Sam and Luke just ‘engaged’ which she wished would have progressed farther and I don’t blame her one bit. I love my charterers and don’t want to end it there which is why in John’s book they are getting married. She was also disappointed that we did not catch Jack yet but have no fear he will be back and be caught, just not sure when yet. May have to wait for Jo’s book. 🙂 I hope you all get a chance to go over and take a look at my review either on her website at Queenutt’s World of Escapism or on Goodreads.


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