AAD 2011

Hey everyone!

I have finally got things back in order after going to AADphilly and am excited to say I had a wonderful time (I knew I would). I’m also proud and excited to say that Stella has said I will be an author for 2012 in New Orleans so I am working on getting books finished and getting swag and things so that I will have everything ready early next year. This year I waited a little too long and couldn’t do as much as I wanted.

Stella also informed me that soon my book should be ready on Lulu. It was giving her trouble formatting (what a surprise my book was being difficult). So I will let everyone know when it is ready and will figure out how to let you buy it so I can mail it out to you. Still working on that end. My hubby will have to figure something out, he’s the computer guy. I just type on it lol. I am now going to put my focus on my next Rolling Hills Ranch book that is John’s book. We have been having fights but I am determined to finish it and get it out there so I can work on Joe. At the moment he is very excited to be written and is not impressed that I made him come after John. We’ll see if he’s still cooperative when it’s his turn. I have ideas I don’t think he’s going to like.

I was not able to really get pictures this year of AAD so sorry, none to share however the costumes I saw and the posters authors had were wonderful. I was able to collect more buttons (I’m a button girl lol) and have lots of swag  I need to put together and hang on the wall like I did last year. Not sure if I’ll take down and store the old stuff or leave both up. I’ll run out of wall space if I keep adding.

I sent in a book request to an agent who sadly, said the book wasn’t for her. Which is OK, I will just keep trying elsewhere. Someone might like it. If I keep getting turned down maybe I need to tweak it a little but I’ll wait on changing anything for now. I like my book and just because one person didn’t doesn’t mean it isn’t good, just means it wasn’t the right place for it.

I am excited to say that I find out if I’m having a boy or a girl on Wednesday. My husband and I are very excited about that. I was able to get a crib from a friend of mine who was moving and didn’t need it anymore so half my writing room now looks like a babies room lol.


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