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AAD in one week

I am getting very excited about my AAD weekend coming up. Just one week I will be headed with my good friend Diane Merlin to Philly to hang out with a great bunch of people. Some I know from last year, some I have yet to meet, all have one thing in common – we LOVE to read! AAD (Author’s After Dark) is the first and only con that I have gone to. I am not good with people however last year (being my first year this there) everyone was wonderful and welcoming. I was a reader last year and was so exctied to meet so many wonderful writers. This year I will be able to talk to people about my books which is exciting in itself but I will never be over being excited just to meet so many writers that have been where I am now, just starting out. Everyone is willing to give great advice and talk to you at this con. The person running the show Stella is a wonderful woman who makes sure that she invites writers that are willing to do just that. She knows without readers there would be no writers. She sets up tons of fun things to do and always at least has one dance for us. This year there’s two. I will be posting pic as I already have of last years AAD however this year I will have better ones. Last year being my first one I was in my room quite a bit this year I am determined to join in the late night fun (so look out here I come). If you are coming to AAD feel free to look me up and say hi. Even if you don’t read my stuff (or you think my stuff isn’t that great) I’ll still talk to ya. 😉 Well off to finish my book that  I want to pitch at the agent/editor appoiments that Stella has managed to set up again this year. If your looking for a good con as a reader or writer this is the one for you. Next year it in New Orleans!


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