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Hello again.

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve done much online. I am coming out of my first trimester of pregnancy and hopefully won’t fall asleep every time I get in front of my computer anymore. Hestia’s vacation went on sale the middle of June. Only one dollar at All Romance ebooks so if your thinking about trying out my writing to see if you would enjoy it  I would try there.

I have been neglecting my writing as much as I have my blog and all other contacts online. So I have decided that I need to focus more. Even if that means my husband will have to make his own dinner once and a while. I am working on a book that I want to be able to pitch at AAD during my editor appointments. I need to have the book finished and ready to be read and it’s only 1/2 done now. So I need to buckle down and work on it. I don’t know if I will have it exactly how I want it but last year I let it all slide and was very disappointed with myself so this year  I am going to try harder.  I also need to work on John’s story. I have all the ideas there for the rest of the book I just need to find time to type it out. Now that (hopefully) I wont be sleeping ever time I have down time, I should be able to get more done.

I still have one more short story to come out when my editor has time to go over it and tell me what needs to be fixed or changed. I will give you more information on that as I get it. The short is called Handsome Stranger, so keep an eye out for it. Hope you enjoy the books, feel free to let me know what you think (please!) and I will work harder on getting my books done so you may enjoy more. 🙂


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