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New Book Ideas

Someone asked me the other day where I get my ideas for my books. Usually I dream them. However with my Rolling Hills Series it seems that everyone has a song. So I thought I would give you a few of those now. Music is my other passion besides reading. I am one of those people that acutally listen to the lyrics and hear what the song is about. Maybe that’s why I don’t really like songs that just scream the whole way through because I can’t understand the words and can’t find the meaning behind the song. It’s not really a suprisrise to me that each of my characters have a song that reminds me of them.

The first is Samantha’s song. Though it may not make sense to everyone when I hear this song it always makes me think of Sam. She didn’t know in the beginning that she wanted a cowboy to take her away but she did want to get away from the city. Every time I hear it now I can’t help but think of her. It’s “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks. Click on the link to go to youtube and hear the song.

The next song is Luke’s song. I autally metntion it in the book itself. Luke is a great guy and he realizes that Sam is holding back. That she is unsure if she should love him or if he loves her. I have always loved this song and now it reminds me of Luke. It’s “I Can Love You Like That” by John Michael Montgomery click on the link to go to youtube and hear the song.

I have more songs that go with more people but I will save those for another post. Do you have songs that remind you of people in books you read/write? Do you have songs that remind you just of people? Leave me a comment with your songs, I love hearning new stuff.


3 thoughts on “New Book Ideas”

  1. You have a Very nice website Megan. From what I have read of your book “Finding Samantha” seem to be a GOOD book. Best Wishes for you and the books to come.


  2. Loving the songs you chose for these characters…very fitting, can’t wait to learn the songs that go with the other characters!!


  3. While I was reading the explanation you gave of the reason you chose the songs, I figured out the name of each of the songs and the artists before I read the ones you chose. Do I know you or what? LOL! Love You Lil Sis! Marj


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