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I sent in a short story to Tease publishing a while ago and was very excited when it was accepted. I had never tired my hand at a short story before and I wasn’t sure I was able to do it correctly. I usually have to have a longer time with my charterers to get to know them and to really tell their story. Being so excited for that acceptance  I wrote another short story this one geared toward their Loves Immortal Pantheon series. Four or five writers each write a short story about different Gods or Goddess, a romance about them falling in love. I have always loved stories of the Greek Gods and Goddess so I thought it was a wonderful idea. When I finished writing it I knew there wasn’t something right about it. Something just didn’t feel right. I sent it to my wonderful sisters and they corrected grammatical errors (yea who knew I’d have those… EVERYONE lol). They didn’t however mention that they felt anything was missing so against my better judgment I sent in my short story.

I need to learn to listen to myself. Gail is a wonderful woman at Tease, she is the one that passes your book on to be published or says, no I don’t think so. My short story was a no, I don’t think so right now. She asked me to look at it again and rework it. She didn’t think that ‘something special’ was in there. I’m actually glad that I sent it in because that just tells me they don’t take just anything. If I didn’t have some kind of talent they wouldn’t have started working with me in the first place. Also it tells me that I have good taste and that I should listen to the inner voice that says “Megan that sucks!” Because Gail is so wonderful she is giving me a second chance to rewrite my book and I have to say I’m liking this version a whole lot better. Its a good thing she didn’t want it because I am capable of so much more than that dribble I had just thrown together without any real meat to the story.

Honestly I hadn’t connected to my people in this book before. I was writing it but it wasn’t like with my series. I didn’t really care about these people, or want them to end up together it was just the end of the story. I know that I have to care. If  I don’t even care and I created them why would anyone else care about them? This has been a nice experience for me to learn that deep inside I do know what is good and what isn’t and that I need to trust myself. Writing isn’t about seeing how many books you can get out there. It’s about writing for yourself first. If you write for yourself you will love your people and others will too because they can feel how much you care for them in your words. Make them real to you and they will be real to everyone else.


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