Tease Publishing

I have been working with Tease Publishing now since Nov. 19 2010. Not that long I realize but I have to give a shout out to all of them there. They are wonderful. Not only the ones that accept and edit the manuscripts but also the other authors that publish with Tease. Not only is the staff willing to put up with all my questions (seeing as I’ve never been published before I have A LOT) but the other authors are willing to help me learn how to get my name out there. They pass around different websites they have found and read each others works.

As I have never been published before and this company is the first one I’ve worked with I don’t know, maybe every company is like this but I am hesitant to believe that. They are a very small company but they do the best with what they’ve got and clearly they know how to pick good writers (not just because they picked me either) I’ve read quite a few of their authors and have not found one that I didn’t like. Which is amazing for me because I’m quite picky.

So thanks to Tonya, Gail and Joni for putting up with my questions and editing my book (which I’m sure was very hard). A big thank you to Kendra Egert for making a beautiful cover and being able to match the story so well without even reading it. And thank you to all the authors at Tease that are willing to help me on my quest to become a known author. Everyone is so wonderful and I’ll never forget all the help and support everyone at Tease has shown me.


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