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My Friends

I thought about calling this ‘My Characters’. I want to write about the people I make up for my books. However I don’t really think about them as my character so much as my friends. Your probably now thinking, ‘wow this girl is a total looser, she doesn’t even have real friends she has to make them up?” I could see how you would think that. Growing up that may or may not have been the case (OK so it was true, so what), however now I have lots friends, even ones that are real and everyone else can see 😉 My people in my stories are more like friends because I know everything about them. I get so connected to my people that when I hear someone say something funny my mind says ‘Hemming would say something like that’.

I also think of them as my friends more than my characters because they usually tell me what they want to do. I can have a great scene lined up. I have thought of everything the night before right before I fell asleep. However the next morning I’m sitting at my computer typing it out and suddenly I hate it. I get stuck my character just stops talking to me. Its like they are putting on the brakes saying, ‘that is not me, what the hell do you think your doing?’

I have written a whole entire book only to have to go back and do it all over again because halfway through the second book in the series my person, Amber, tells me she doesn’t like how much of a push over she is. She’s a big baby always apologizing and never talking back.Most people would look at me and say ‘yes Megan you are totally crazy’. I’m sure a lot of you are saying, ‘Amber didn’t say that you just changed your mind’. However I beg to differ. I could have continued with that story. I had the whole thing plotted out in my mind. If she hadn’t boycotted her entire roll in it those books would be done and ready to send off to some New York publisher but no, she decided she was going to change how she acted in the middle of the second book. As I’m typing she’s giving me words she says actions she’s doing and I go back to read it over and I’m like Whoa! hold on there partner, when did you get a back bone. I tried to make it work with her sudden flare for telling people off but it was like she was a whole new person and I couldn’t make her go back to the one she was before. Amber liked her new backbone and if I tried to put her back the way she was she would stop talking to me.

When I say my people talk to me I’m not talking about the schizophrenic, they tell me to do bad things. I’m talking about the little voice in your head that tells you where your story will go. I think most writers can talk to their people, I don’t know if most admit it for fear of being called crazy, but I’ll stand up and take the crazy name. I’m proud that I have such a great relationship with my people. I hope that through that relationship everyone will be able to see my people as real as I see them.

My sister asked me once how I chose which story I’m going to write on. I have seven in my head right now that I’ve actually started typing and more that are just floating around up there waiting their turn patiently. The seven I have some typed on have one thing in common. At one point the people were so G.D. annoying that I had to at least get something written down. Its seems as long as there is a start to their story they feel like they wont be forgotten and back off a little. Though I still get little outbursts from them as if they are saying ‘hello, get finished with that so you can give me a voice’. Oh well, slowly but surely everyone will get their books. I’m glad that I have so many. I don’t want to ever have nothing going on in my head. As my husband would say, take out all the people up there and there would be nothing left. 🙂

One of my friends is working on reading my first book Finding Samantha right now and at the moment she is really enjoying it. She seemed to connect with my people which makes me happy. She hates reading as she keeps telling me but she says she can’t seem to put down my book. I’m glad she likes it and I hope more people do. I would really like it if my book was the one that turned her on to reading. There are so many wonderful writers out there with great characters it’s a shame that there are people out there that haven’t found their kind of books yet. I believe there is a kind of book for everyone, you just need to be willing to look for it. Here’s to hoping my book is someones ‘kind of book’.


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