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Hello, I’m Danica Raimz, born and raised in New York, I spent many years in New Jersey, now living in Florida and wondering what the heck happened! Still, I’ve got my family (husband and two kids), Disney World isn’t far, and I can write anywhere.


These days, I’m a romance author with a romantic suspense / new adult series called Awaken My Heart. The first story arc of the series– Ren and Galen’s emotional roller coaster of a love story–is complete.  I plan to have Galen’s sister’s story (Corinne) available by the time Literary Love rolls around–and my readers know that girl deserves a damn good story!

Danica Raimz

How excited am I about Literary Love 2019 in Savannah? Two days ago, I scheduled a hair cut for the week before the event … because otherwise I will forget, have trouble getting an appointment, and get frustrated with myself. My stylist was like, “I’m sorry, aren’t you the one always trying to make last-minute, same day appointments?”

Anyway, I’m looking forward to face-time with some of the amazing author friends I’ve made recently and, of course, to meeting readers! In fact, I’ll be having drinks with a reader who wins one of the many author giveaways happening at the event. Can’t wait to talk romance, plots, and book boyfriends with everyone.

Want to get to know me better before attending LL2019? Stalk me, please!
Facebook Page: Danica Raimz Romance
Facebook Group: Dani’s Darlings

Jigsaw Hearts (Awaken My Heart Book 1) by [Raimz, Danica]
Jigsaw Hearts is a stand-alone novel full of emotional depth and steamy romance. Ren and Galen continue the beginning of their life together in two follow-up novellas, Pieces of You, Pieces of Me and Whole Piece of My Heart. Look forward to more novels and novellas involving the unconventional, flawed, but fabulous Zabriese family throughout the Awaken My Heart series.

Between the two, there were many missing pieces. It would take a selfless and fiery sort of love to fill them in.

Blurb: To overcome her sensitive nature, successful entertainment journalist
Ren Hayden locks away her emotions along with the scattered pieces of her tragic
childhood. The only person she trusts, but probably shouldn’t, is a criminal—her
brother, Seth.

When Seth dies unexpectedly, he sets off a chain reaction causing Ren’s coping
mechanisms to falter. Unable to make sense of messages she receives from beyond
the grave, she can’t stop herself from finding comfort in the arms of Galen Zabriese—the brother of the woman Seth ruthlessly conned.

Ren discovers life’s missing pieces in Galen and steamy experiences in his bed but
struggles to feel worthy of his love. While battling his own missing pieces, Galen becomes hell-bent on drawing Ren’s real nature to the surface. Can selfless, true love help them complete each other or will Seth’s past catch up with them first?

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Literary Love Savannah, Writing

Literary Love Savannah

Want to meet, hang out, and have TONS of fun with me?

Join me in Savannah!

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 That’s right I will be in Savannah July 25-28!

welcome megan

I am so excited to join an amazing crew of writers.

Who, you may ask, are some of these amazing writers?

Well wonder no more as I have a list of just some of the first to join the crew.

New authors are added all the time!

Authors list

Need a little more incentive to register right now?

Well how about an amazing prize!

Some of our great authors have offered prizes to those that sign up by October 30th.

Oct. Registration Drive

There are more prizes not included on this list!

 I am doing a special prize basket!

Also a dutch dinner with fellow author Cara North!

We will supply the appetizers and some great conversation.


Need more info on what you’ll do/see/get at this amazing experience?

Check out the website: Literary Love Savannah: A Readers Paradise in Savannah


The Facebook Group: Literary Love: Authors Rock Savannah ATTENDEE GROUP




No need to see more? Ready to join in the fun (and get one of those prizes)?

Register on Eventbrite

(full or partial payment registered by October 30th gets a prize from the list)


We are going to have a lot of fun and have some amazing books to sell. If you have books from your favorite author bring them along to be signed! If you prefer eBooks bring along a special notebook and we will sign that!

We focus on the reader here, making sure you have a great time and really get to know the authors. There are a TON of different genera authors. You may even discover a new genera and fall in love.


Hope to see you there!

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Short Stories

This week I have been busy making covers, rewriting Kat and the Cursed and typing up two short stories. It’s been a little busy.

I have created two covers this week. YouTube was totally my friend in teaching me a little about creating covers right on Word. If I keep working at it I may purchase Photoshop, I think you can do a lot more with Photoshop than you can with Word but for now I think they turned out alright. I was able to make a cover for my story I told you about last week You Belong With Me and I tried my hand at a cover for Cursed.   I found Derek Murphy very helpful. 


The short story I made was for a contest with Pixie Forest Publishing. It’s for their Mythical Creature Contest. I’m calling it The Fair Folk. That is one of the names that the Irish use for fairies. The only problem with this contest was that the piece couldn’t be over 3000 words and I’m a pretty wordy writer. I kept having to cut it down. Luckily I was able to have someone read it and point out where I needed to put back in some description so it would flow better. I love having people that understand and are willing to read and give constructive criticism.

I actually love constructive criticism, it helps me learn and grow as a writer. I would much rather someone tell me what was wrong or what they didn’t like than someone who just tried to please me and tell me it was good when it actually stank to high heaven.

I’m going to start doing (hopefully) a weekly writing prompt given to me by Stephanie Ayers on her website. It’s 200-1000 words and I think will help me to start focusing on what is really important in a story. After having trouble with the one for the contest I realized I needed to start doing word prompts again. If I have more people to do it with it will be a lot more enjoyable. If you’d like to join the fun click the link, she puts a new one up every Monday and we share our pages to her comments so we can look at what each other wrote.

I hope everyone has had a productive week, I really feel like I have.

Tell me what you are up to. Any new projects your working on?

Have a great weekend and see you next week!


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Abby’s Promise By Rebekah Dodson

Abby's Promise Banner


He walked out of my life eight years ago, and for the first couple of years, I wrote him faithfully.

Then life happened, and we lost track of each other. Now he’s back; appearing one day on campus and sweeping me off my feet. He looks the same—rough stubble on his square jaw, broody brown eyes, thick brows that always lifted when I made him laugh. My Jo-Jo has come home after eight years in Afghanistan.

RD Abby's Promise

She looks the same as I remember her in high school, but now she’s all woman—sophisticated, educated, and just as curvy as ever. And now she’s a professor, and I’m falling for her all over again like I did at senior prom. War screwed me up, but every day Abby was my saving grace.

She promised one day she’d never let me go, made me promise I’d come back to her. I’ve come back to claim that promise. There’s just one problem: Abby’s moved on. How will I convince the love of my life that a day never went by without her on my mind? 


celebrate AP release


Pre-Order Abby’s Promise: Amazon

Join Abby’s Promise Release Day Giveaway: Fiction Atlas Press LLC

Join the Release party on 7/28: Contemporary Romance Readers and Authors


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RD Picture

Rebekah Dodson is a prolific word weaver of romance, fantasy, and science fiction novels. Her works include the series Postcards from Paris, The Surrogate, The Curse of Lanval series, several stand alone novels, and her upcoming YA novel, Clock City. She has been writing her whole life, with her first published work of historical fiction with 4H Clubs of America at the age of 12, and poetry at the age of 16 with the National Poetry Society. With an extensive academic background including education, history, psychology and English, she currently works as a college professor by day and a writer by night.

Join Rebekah on Facebook: Real Rebekah Dodson

Meet other Fans of Rebekah in her Facebook Fan Group: Gill Nation

Follow her on twitter: @AuthorRDodson

Follow her on Instagram: author_rdodson

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Visit her website:

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First week of writing

Wow, it has been a while since I posted something on my page. I’ve been on vacation a lot and wasn’t writing, it was also a lot harder to get writing done with my son home. I have enjoyed having others over to share their work and don’t forget to check out the Guest Posts the latest one by Shay Stone Never Give Up is quite inspirational, go on over and check it out. Next week we will be having someone over that is publishing a new book, be sure to check it out too!

I have been able to get in a first week of writing in. My son goes to Summer Camp during the day and I get to clean in the morning and write in the afternoon. It has been awesome. I have started and finished a short story that is exclusively for those attending   the Literary Love Savannah conference that is going on right now. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t get it done in time. After they contact me with their special code I will be releasing the short story to everyone. The release date of that will be September 1st. I will give you the title You Belong With Me. It will be my first new story, to be released in a long while.

I am still working on my Kat and the Cursed full length novel, I have shortened it just to Cursed. What do you think of the name change? If you’d like to read snippets from this work in progress check out my Snippet Sunday section. There are four so far 4/22, 4/29, 6/2, and 7/22, I’m going to do one more with this book before I switch to You Belong With Me on Snippet Sundays.

I have discovered that it is extremely hard to make your own covers (for me at least anyway). Thankfully I have made some friends and I was able to get in touch with a professional that is reasonably priced. I am still going to mess around with pictures and try to learn on YouTube how to make my own but for now I’m happy to help out others with their business and get covers made by them. The one I have for Cursed is beautiful, I’m not showing it though until I’m getting ready to release it so you’ll just have to wait. Currently I am trying to figure one out for  You Belong With Me.

I really want this but I’m not sure if it is copyrighted. If any of you know of a picture like this on any of those free picture websites let me know!Image result for You belong with me house pictures

Speaking of those websites, I have a list of them, some free, some you have to pay for. If anyone needs a copy of it just let me know I’ll email it over. I have complied it from different authors giving me them so that I can try to start making my own Covers.

That’s it for this week, how have you all been? Do anything fun this summer? Leave a message in the comments with any interesting tidbits you want to share!


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Rise to Fame by Shay Stone



The Rise to Fame

Colin Riley’s past wasn’t a pretty one. He’d worked hard to bury his demons. So when he crossed paths with Alexandra Vaughn, the daughter of the man that almost destroyed his life, he should have run. But he didn’t. Instead, like an idiot, he fell in love. Alex was smart, talented, beautiful, and one of the most infuriating women Colin had ever met. From the second he laid eyes on her, he knew he’d do anything to make her his. Why else would he let her trick him into starring in some play?

It was just supposed to be a way to get close to her. How could he have known saying yes to the role would change their lives forever? But that’s what happens when Richard Steed – the most sought-after agent in Hollywood swoops in promising to make all their dreams come true. It doesn’t take long before the slick agent’s true intentions become known turning him into their worst nightmare.

With a ghost from the past haunting them and an agent hell-bent on tearing them apart, is there any way Colin and Alex can survive The Rise to Fame?

The Rise to Fame is Book One in a two-book series. The second book, The Cost of Fame is due out September 2018.

Book links:


KOBO, Apple and Kindle:



me signing bookShay Stone started her writing career after a car accident left her unable to read or look at a computer. Ironic, right? Many years, and hours of vision therapy later, and voila! She wrote her first book. She lives in Georgia with her four dogs and one cat, that thinks he is a dog. If you happen to be driving around Atlanta, there is a good chance you will see her dancing in her car and singing (poorly) to some 80’s tune. She has no shame.

Her passions include writing and traveling. She writes strong women with a bit of attitude, and flawed men that you can’t help but fall in love with to create that once in a lifetime love one page at a time. She has two self-help books – Pain, Pain, Go Away, and Why Am I Still Single? A Tough Love Guide for Single Women. The Rise to Fame is her first contemporary romance.

Media links:





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Tally Adams New Book

Exciting new paranormal romance by Tally Adams.

Shadow Pact by [Adams, Tally]
Emily’s sister disappeared without a trace. When authorities refused to search for her, Emily was forced to accept she was on her own if she ever wanted to learn the truth. That’s how she ended up stumbling into a den of werewolves under the full moon. But even in the darkness of this terrifying new world, hope can come in unexpected forms. For Emily, it came as the most feared among all immortals: the Executioner himself. Now, he’s all that stands between her and being someone’s next meal. But his protection has a price…


Available digitally on Amazon. Audible release in September 2018, and coming to retail stores in Spring 2019.   Find Shadow Pact on Goodreads.

For more information on this and upcoming releases, check out the website.
Follow Tally on any of her social media sites:  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.
Tally Adams
I live in Texas with my husband and four children. (And one big, fat English bulldog). I have been writing my entire life because the characters in my head just swirl around with different potentials if I don’t put them on paper. By the time I entered high school, I’d already written my first book. Years later, I worked as a nurse and continued to write. Finally, I decided to move forward into the world of publication and share my imaginary friends with the world.