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Facebook party!

Hey everyone! I have a new release!

The Bladesmith

This YA Fantasy (with some romance) is now up for pre-order!

Release date March, 29th. 

As a female bladesmith Lena is barely making ends meet. Upon learning the castle is hiring a new Master Bladesmith she decides she cannot miss the opportunity. Can she get them to look past her gender and see her abilities? Once she meets Zander and he accepts her without question, hope builds within her. When secrets are revealed and Lena learns the truth about her family’s history, she isn’t sure what will happen. Will Lena get everything she has ever wanted, an adoring man and a position she loves, or will her life be forever changed by the truth that has been kept from her?


I’m celebrating my release, come over to my group, Life, Love, and Legends to enter the giveaways, read some excerpts, and play some games!

I’ll be all over Facebook the next couple of weeks so join the fun!


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I have decided to start doing a newsletter. When you sign up you will get sneak peeks about my up coming books, cover reveals before anyone else, and learn about new authors when I add their new releases to the news letter! You also may get some promotional items from myself or others. It will be a lot of fun and I hope you join us!

Sign up here

Also I am releasing a new book next week!

I will be all over Facebook talking about the new book, showing off the cover and maybe giving things away. Follow my Facebook author page, join my Life, Love, and Legends group and join the fun!


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New Book

I’m so excited to introduce my newest book You Belong With Me.

You Belong With MeClick to buy

In celebration of this new release I am offering Handsome Stranger for FREE!!

Handsome Stranger FreeClick to get yours today


Stay tuned because I am going to have a cover reveal for my next release (scheduled for release in March) soon. The name of the new novel you ask? The Bladesmith… can’t wait to tell you about it!


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Literary Love Savannah

Riley Walker L.L.S. Attending Author

Riley Walker

Riley Walker is the writing duo of Amy Naylor and Kelly Stephens. They are both from Arkansas, both a little loud and a whole lot of crazy. Amy writes kegger-style and is the ‘bun’ queen. Kelly is the cotillion writer of the two and has perpetual frizzy hair (thank you Southern humidity).

Amy (aka Biscuit) is the alter ego Riley of Riley Walker. She has one husband, one kid and three dogs. She loves to read RH, PNR, UF and Dystopian. She a hairdresser by day and a football mom by night.

Kelly is the Walker half of Riley Walker. She has been married to her husband for almost twenty years and is a proud mom of a future MMA champion. They have two rescue dogs that unapologetically rule the house. Kelly reads anything she can get her hands on, from contemporary to paranormal and everything in between. She survives on coffee and will be the first in line if they ever start giving it out in IV form!

attendee group

Join the fun with Riley Walker!

Facebook Readers Group
Email – RileyWalkerAuthor@gmail.com


Check out the books by Riley Walker!

The Chess Chronicles:
Book One: Knight
Book Two: Rook
Book Three: King


Understanding Alice Du-Kane

Understanding Alice

Literary Love Savannah

Kelly Violet L.L.S. Attending Author

attendee group
Hiya, everyone! My name is Kelly Violet and I’m super excited to be attending my first LLS in July 2019. I’ve heard such amazing things about this event and I’m so thrilled to be a part of the upcoming one.

author profile image Kelly Violet

For those of you who love some angst with your romance, I’m your girl! I guess my writing is a product of all those teen angst movies I still can’t stop watching. LOL. Anyhoo, I write new adult romance and I have three stories out right now. I’m trying to kick my own butt in gear to have even more out by July. Send inspiring vibes my way, would you? In the near future, I also plan to dabble in other subgenres, so fun times are indeed ahead. And just so it’s on your radars, I will be at the First in a Series brunch with my novel Touch Me Softly, Book 1 in The Reawakening Series.

I can’t wait to meet and connect with all of you in July!

Want to know what I’ve got going on between now and LLS 2019? Follow me! 


My books, take a look!
Prequel to The Names You Call Me:
The Love You Give Me
Free download
I learned early in life never to hope for much. Then a boy crashed into my world and wouldn’t take no for answer. Wouldn’t just leave me be. Now, it was the end of my senior year and things were as good as could be. Especially when it came to me and my best friend, Xander. He was still right there by my side. Only he wasn’t an annoying steamroller anymore. He was the very best thing.

I was on top of the world. High school was coming to an end and there I was with my best friend, Rae, along for the ride. My dream girl. She had no clue how I felt, but I was ready for that to change. To tell her exactly how I wanted things to be between us. If my nerves didn’t kill me first. But I would take my shot no matter what.

The Names You Call Me

An impulse in class…
Rae-Ana Sharpe was like a brick wall. Solid. Steadfast. And hard to break through. Used to a long line of disappointing moments and heartache, this was now her life. Being hurt by her best friend Xander, though, was the absolute worst. She never really recovered from his unexpected dismissal. Then an impulsive moment in class one day brings him crashing back into her world.

Gives them a second chance…
Alexander Wirth made a colossal mistake the last days of high school. Two years later, it still weighed on his conscience. But Rae was never far from his mind or heart. Taking a chance, he enrolled in an elective way outside of his major. When his bet finally pays off, he gets a rude awakening and a shot at redemption. That’s if she even gives him the time of day.

When life constantly supplies you with lemons, do you lock your heart away for good? Or let the guy of your dreams fix you a glass of spiked lemonade?

Reawakening Series book one: Touch Me Softly



A secret she never wanted to reveal…
Wynter Simmons was haunted by flashbacks. A year since the incident and she’s still not herself. Just as afraid and ashamed as if it all happened yesterday. Then she met him.

A dream he never wanted to end…
Rafael Tapiro was always drifting. As the new bassist for the up and coming band Country Blue, things are finally looking up. But with just one look he’s a goner. The music led him to her.

Can they be what the other needs?
Because love comes when you least expect it and when you don’t think you deserve it.

Author’s Note:
This novel includes flashbacks to a sexual assault that may be a trigger for some readers.


Literary Love Savannah

Jones & Everly L.L.S. Attending Authors


Hi everybody!! My name is Stacy Jones and I’m a romance author. I’ll be attending LLS with my co-author, K.B. Everly. We both have solo series and other co-writes, but together we conspired to bring you something a little different.

We’re writing a series of standalone Classic Horror Retellings where favorites like Jekyll and Hyde, Dracula, and more are reimagined as romances. Most, though not all, are reverse harem.


Next year is not just our first time at Literary Love Savannah but our first book con as authors. We are so excited to meet y’all!! We’ve heard so many amazing things about LLS and the incredible readers that attend.

Stay in touch!

Stacy:                                                                                                K.B. Everly:

Amazon                                                                                        Amazon Author Page:
Bookbub                                                                                       BookBub
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Goodreads                                                                                  Newsletter:
Facebook Reader Group                                                        KB Everly’s Readers Group
Email: stacyjonesauthor@gmail.com                             Website

Here’s a rundown of my and K.B. Everly’s books to date, check them out!

By Stacy Jones and K.B. Everly:

Hyde With Me-
Jekyll and Hyde Retelling,
featured in the What Goes Bump In The Night Anthology

Hyde with me

By Stacy Jones:

Chosen Series-Reverse Harem Scifi Romance
The epic finale just recently released so this is a completed series!!
Chosen (Chosen Series Book 1)
Tribe Outsider (Chosen Series Book 2)
Tribe Protector (Chosen Series Book 3)



Chosen Series Bonus Scenes-
Between The Sheets Anthology
Halloween Between The Sheets Anthology



Saving Merritt
contemp reverse harem co-written with CoraLee June
featured in the Petting Them Anthology

Petting Them

Scifi short story
featured in Scream: A Collection Of Fears Anthology



By K.B. Everly:

Jinxed: Toxic Bitchcraft Book One
witchy paranormal reverse harem romance



Blood: Under the Skin Book One
Flesh: Under the Skin Book Two
paranormal reverse harem romance with vampires and werewolves



The More the Merrier: A Naughty Nights Novella
holiday reverse harem contemporary romance with delicious Santa strippers

The more the Merrier

Polarity of Us: A Northern Lights Novel 
Polar bear shifter romance

Polarity of us



What Lies in the Dark Poem
featured in the Scream: A Collection of Fears Anthology Volume 1

Scream antholgy


RH Cookbook

Hungry for more

Between the Sheets

between the sheets


By K.B. Everly and Brandy Slaven:

The Arbiter: Divinely Damned Book One
dark paranormal/horror reverse harem romance involving angels and demons

The Arbiter


By K.B. Everly and Anita Maxwell:

Make Me a Wish: The Conduit Trilogy Book 1 
Wishful Thinking: The Conduit Trilogy Book 2
Fantasy reverse harem romance with jinn




Blood: Under the Skin Book One
Audible or Amazon

Audible Blood


Jinxed: Toxic Bitchcraft Book One
Audible or Amazon

Audible Jinxed

Literary Love Savannah

Danica Raimz L.L.S. Attending Author

Danica lips

Hello, I’m Danica Raimz, born and raised in New York, I spent many years in New Jersey, now living in Florida and wondering what the heck happened! Still, I’ve got my family (husband and two kids), Disney World isn’t far, and I can write anywhere.


These days, I’m a romance author with a romantic suspense / new adult series called Awaken My Heart. The first story arc of the series– Ren and Galen’s emotional roller coaster of a love story–is complete.  I plan to have Galen’s sister’s story (Corinne) available by the time Literary Love rolls around–and my readers know that girl deserves a damn good story!

Danica Raimz

How excited am I about Literary Love 2019 in Savannah? Two days ago, I scheduled a hair cut for the week before the event … because otherwise I will forget, have trouble getting an appointment, and get frustrated with myself. My stylist was like, “I’m sorry, aren’t you the one always trying to make last-minute, same day appointments?”

Anyway, I’m looking forward to face-time with some of the amazing author friends I’ve made recently and, of course, to meeting readers! In fact, I’ll be having drinks with a reader who wins one of the many author giveaways happening at the event. Can’t wait to talk romance, plots, and book boyfriends with everyone.

Want to get to know me better before attending LL2019? Stalk me, please!
Facebook Page: Danica Raimz Romance
Facebook Group: Dani’s Darlings

Jigsaw Hearts (Awaken My Heart Book 1) by [Raimz, Danica]
Jigsaw Hearts is a stand-alone novel full of emotional depth and steamy romance. Ren and Galen continue the beginning of their life together in two follow-up novellas, Pieces of You, Pieces of Me and Whole Piece of My Heart. Look forward to more novels and novellas involving the unconventional, flawed, but fabulous Zabriese family throughout the Awaken My Heart series.

Between the two, there were many missing pieces. It would take a selfless and fiery sort of love to fill them in.

Blurb: To overcome her sensitive nature, successful entertainment journalist
Ren Hayden locks away her emotions along with the scattered pieces of her tragic
childhood. The only person she trusts, but probably shouldn’t, is a criminal—her
brother, Seth.

When Seth dies unexpectedly, he sets off a chain reaction causing Ren’s coping
mechanisms to falter. Unable to make sense of messages she receives from beyond
the grave, she can’t stop herself from finding comfort in the arms of Galen Zabriese—the brother of the woman Seth ruthlessly conned.

Ren discovers life’s missing pieces in Galen and steamy experiences in his bed but
struggles to feel worthy of his love. While battling his own missing pieces, Galen becomes hell-bent on drawing Ren’s real nature to the surface. Can selfless, true love help them complete each other or will Seth’s past catch up with them first?

Buy on:
Barnes & Noble

Finish the Series:

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