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Week 4, 5, and 6

Well it didn’t take me long to miss a few weeks of posting on my website. Life has been interesting around here and though I probably should have carved out some time to do my website I was too tired.


I am very close to not working any more. I have a week and a half left. My son was sick this weekend, and is still sick, so I have been home but cleaning and taking care of him.


I have found the joys of audiobooks. A friend introduced me to how nice they can be to listen to while cleaning around the house and driving in the car. I will probably listen to them more often. I have done a lot of driving lately so I have finished four books already. She gives wonderful suggestions for books and I have loved them all. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of audiobooks previously for car trips and such but it will make my long car drives coming up in the summer much more enjoyable. I cannot read in the car anymore I get carsick.


I have been looking into writing groups in my area, which do not exist. The closest ones are 2 and a half hours away. I’m hoping when we move with my husbands’ job (which isn’t for at least another 2 years) I’ll be able to find writing groups near me. I’ll just enjoy the online writing groups I have found for now.


I have gotten feedback on my story that I sent out to beta readers and need to get started on editing and reworking it. I find editing and reworking the hardest part. I enjoy creating the story and getting to the ending but find it daunting and dragging to have to fix all the little parts.  Oh well if I want to be an author I must get it done!


I was sent a book to read by another author in the group, a I’ll read yours if you read mine and have not done my part. She has done the first chapter of mine. I need to get my butt in gear and get started on that. Sometimes I have trouble reading and critiquing others work but I think doing so will help me with my own work.


I have started reading Stephen Kings book, On Writing. I absolutely love it and recommend it in general to everyone but specifically to writers. It has a lot of information and is written in such a way it is easy to understand and take any nuggets of information that he has learned and use if for yourself. Reading this has made me want to start read more of his writing. I haven’t read much honesty though his movie adaptations I do enjoy, which should have encouraged me to read his work in the first place (the book is always better than the movie).


In my writing I haven’t done much recently which is sad, though I do continue the story in my head as I’m trying to fall asleep at night. It isn’t on paper though so I sometimes worry if I create a brilliant scene in my head right before bed that it might not make it into the storyline the next day.


That’s mostly what I’ve done these past few weeks. It’s not much when you think about how much time has passed but its something. I included this weeks in this post, though I usually don’t post until Saturday, just because I was not sure I’d get the chance this weekend. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I’ll see you back here next week.


Books I’ve read (listened too) this past few weeks.

Click to see on Amazon


My Lady Jane by [Hand, Cynthia, Ashton, Brodi, Meadows, Jodi]   

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Week three

On my quest to post each week I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve done that week toward writing and learning more about the industry.  Between working and feeling sick I haven’t done as much as I would like but here is what I’ve got.


I managed to re-do my website, I think it looks a bit better now, if you are familiar with the old one let me know what you think. I have had my first guest blog with Samuel Mascarenhas and am set up for the second one coming up next week.


I started doing Snippet Sunday again which is nice. My first week was last week and I will be adding another Snippet this week. It is a group of people on Facebook and a website called Weekend Writing Warriors, that like to share little bits of a story to get people intrigued about their writing.  Check out the group and if your an author join in, if you are a reader take a look at what they have to offer. You may find a new favorite author.


I’ve started reading more blogs and if I find them helpful or interesting I’ve been sharing them on my Facebook page. A lot of authors have liked my page lately so I thought it would be nice to share what I find as I find it.


Speaking of Facebook, I have managed to post something everyday. Sometimes its those helpful websites sometimes it funny memes about writing or other helpful memes I’ve found in my writing group. If you want to ‘like’ the page to join in the fun feel free. I love comments and sharing of what I’ve found. There is link to the right or you can click here: Megan Grooms, Author


That’s it for this week. There are a lot of links this week to different pages, check them out. I hope everyone is feeling healthy, hopefully I will get over this bug quickly. Have a great week and I’ll be back next week with more finds, thanks for joining me on my journey.


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Week two

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Here’s what I’ve managed to do this week toward my goal of becoming a full time writer.


This week I found some beta readers. These are people that are willing to read my story and let me know what they think and if, in their opinion, I need to change anything about the story. I am so appreciative of these people as it sometimes is hard to see what your book needs because you are the one writing it. The book I sent to them is a very rough draft and I know from experience it can be difficult to read others works when it is so rough. One beta reader has already sent back chapter one giving me suggestions. I had already planned to rewrite the whole story and her insights will make it that much better as I rewrite it.


I looked into writing contests this week as well. I found many that cost money to join and read a few blog posts that discuss writing contests. I will need to focus on writing contests after I am able to focus full time on writing. Most of the ones I found have deadlines coming up quickly and I don’t believe I could wright a whole new story, even if it is short, in the time allowed. I am going to be doing contests though. I think it is a great way to get experience and have more people read your work.


I am currently working on following blogs that allow take overs or interviews so that when I am ready to publish I have a list of current sites that might be willing to help get the word out there. I have done this before with my old works and I really believe they help. All those blogs have their own readers that are looking for new books, if you make it interesting you could find new readers that never would have heard of you if you didn’t branch out and try.


Finally I went back to Goodreads and am going to start trying to do things on their more, for myself and for my writing. There are so many people in the Goodreads community and all of them love reading just as I do. Being part of the FB groups has shown me how wonderful it is to connect to people that love the same things I do. I am going to continue that with Goodreads and joining groups there. This also my help my writing, depending on what groups I join, and it might invite people to look me up and read my books or websites.  If you want to connect to me on Goodreads or follow my Facebook page there is a connection on the right side of the screen.



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Week One

My first week of getting back into writing has gone surprisingly well. I’ve taken time to find like-minded people in a couple of different FB groups and commented on the posts there. I am honestly surprised how nice it is to have people to discuss books with. People that know the struggle of trying to keep a realistic timeline in a made-up land. Being able to discuss all the aspects of writing, editing, and publishing with others that are going through the same thing I am is pretty astounding. It’s like having a support group that you can get advice or complain to and they completely understand.


I have lightly researched editors (seems pretty expensive since all my books are quite wordy), book covers (found a few websites that you can get stock photos to make your own), and websites that link writers and companies together (so that writers can gain experience and earn a little money). Of course, all of these will need to be looked into rather deeply but they are all new to me so I’m excited to learn.


I have pulled out all my old hand-written works (some so old the notebooks are falling apart) and leafed through some that brought back ideas I had forgotten (and reminded me how far I have come in my writing). I think it is important to keep all my old notebooks, even if they never become something because it can give me inspiration for current books and reminds me how long I have been doing this. It also reminds me that while I didn’t realize it, I was learning how to be a better writer. If I have become better without trying, just imagine how much better I could do when I am trying.

The only annoying thing this week was my new computer deciding to shut down on me. I had to contact Dell support and they factory reset the thing. All of my books are on dropbox so I didn’t lose any work but I did lose all of those new websites I had found over the week. I think I’m going to have to keep a list in my dropbox as I find websites and just update as I research. The other problem with the factory reset was downloading Microsoft word again. My advice, make sure you have your product key and don’t lose it. Mine is now a picture on my phone.


As I research more about writing and the business itself I will post my findings, who knows, maybe you could use the information I find too. Right now, I get to write while I’m at work and my kiddos are sleeping (I teach 2-year-old children in a childcare facility at the moment). The only problem with this is having to come home and type out all the thoughts again. I try to look at it as written is the first draft and the second is typing it (because I always change things) but part of me just wants to continue the story while I’m on a roll. I don’t want to have to rehash everything already. Oh well, once I stop working all my work will be on the computer again.


If you are a writer do you prefer hand written or typed, have you found any editors you like, how do you do your book covers, and are you a part of any groups on FB or anywhere else that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments I’m always looking for new information!

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Amazing News!

Some amazing news. My husband and I have decided that we are ready for me to stay at home with our son and focus on writing. My last day of work is going to be May 25. I will be taking care of my son during the summer and then when he goes back to school my focus gets to be on housework and writing. I am so excited for this next step in my life.


To show is support with my long-time dream of being able to be a full-time author my husband has made our spare room into my office. I have a new desk, marker board, cork board and a brand-new laptop (mine was getting old and has giant cracks on the screen).


It is my hope that with this I will be able to start writing on my website more. The idea is going to be that I can share my journey on this path of becoming a full-time author.  Though I will be busy with my son during the summer I am hoping to post once a week (realistically probably once a month until my son goes back to school). This will also give me accountability. What exactly have I done with my time at home? What have I learned, good and bad, also how much have I written that week/month? It would be amazing if others could learn from my journey and I would love to get input from others that have done, or are trying to do, the same thing as me. Get our names out there and try to navigate the crazy world of writing, editing, and publishing.

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Writing Prompt: Breaking up with Writers Block

When I decided to get back into writing, and working on my webpage I decided that I needed to have small goals and to make myself find time to write those small goals before going back to my long stories. Being able to complete something is a wonderful feeling and I enjoy these writing prompts more than I thought I would. When I signed up with Writers Digest they sent me a few pages from their book A Year of Writing Prompts and this one comes from that book. Usually I get mine from their page  Writers Digest  I hope you all have been enjoying reading them as much as I have been having writing them. They have forced me to think about things in different ways, like my last writing prompt “Everybody knows your name”  I look forward to thinking more outside the box with them and to getting into a regular writing routine so that I can get my longer stories finished and published.

Writing Prompt: Breaking up with writers block

It’s time for you and Writer’s Block to part ways. Write a letter breaking up with Writer’s Block, starting out with, “Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me … .”


Dear Writers Block,

It’s not you it’s me. I need to continue with my stories. I distract myself with other things then blame you for my lack of progress. I know that is not fair to you. I need to break up with you, stop blaming you for everything.

Because of you I have enjoyed many things, thigs that I can no use within my writing. I’ve gone for walks in the woods, visited the ocean, put puzzles together, binge watched shows, and read many, many books. You have been good to me, Writers Block, but now I must let you go.

I have a responsibility to my readers and to my characters to finish my stories. They deserve an ending and to be read by many people who will love them as much as I do.

I’m afraid I am weak, that this isn’t our final goodbye that I’ll come back to you. If it do, it will only end in heart ache. We are not meant to be. I am meant to write and you are meant to stop writing. I will miss the time we spent together.

I’m certain you will find another writer to spend time with, though I’m sure your time with them will also end. I wish you well and hope I do not see you again. Though you are fun, you are equally frustrating. Thank you for helping me experience more of life. I must get back to writing now.

Forever worried and thinking about you,




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Writing Prompt: Everybody knows your name

I didn’t quite make it to one a week. I’ll work on that. Here is my second attempt at a writing prompt please enjoy and share.

Writing Prompt from Writers Digest:

You’ve been going to the same bar every night for the past five years. In fact, you’re such a regular that when you enter the, the other patrons yell your name and the bartender already has your drink waiting for you. But then one Friday you arrive and no one seems to recognize you,…


He stood outside his favorite bar, the one only a few blocks from his apartment. Sometimes it felt more like home than his own home did. Not tonight though. Last night must have been a bad one. Could only imagine the fool he had made of himself. He remembered going there last night after work. It had been a hard day, his late wife’s mother had called him at work demanding to come over and get some of her daughter’s things from their old home.

He had come in to drown the memories of that tragedy and seemed to have done it, because he couldn’t remember how he got home. He just woke up in his bed a few hours ago. Thank God this Friday the office was closed, or he would have missed work and probably been fired.

Sighing he decided to get it over with, the heckling from the other regulars, and his apology to Mac, the bar owner. He walked in and no one called out to him, maybe it was worse than he feared. He looked around recognizing many faces. They watched him with curious looks on their faces. It was almost like they were leery of him, worried about what he would do or why he was there.

“Hey Mac.” He sat down in his regular chair, he was glad it was in the far corner of the bar where he could see the entire room. He was getting a little creeped out by the looks he was given. What the hell had he done last night? The bar tender nodded but didn’t say anything. Aiden lowered his head, it was so bad Mac didn’t even want to talk to him? He just waited for his usual drink.

It took ten minutes before Mac finally looked at him. “You gonna order or just sit there kid?” He asked as he cleaned a glass. Aiden looked at him curiously. Mac hadn’t called him a kid in five years, not since he first started coming to the bar.

“I’ll get a bottle of Cores.” He answered when Mac brought it to him he gave a nod and walked off to serve another costumer, not bothering with small talk and not giving him a chance to apologize. This got Aiden annoyed “hey, I know I must have been a mess last night, but was it so bad that you’re not even going to talk to me today?” He called across the bar.

Mac turned to look at him confusion on his face. “What are you talking about kid? I’ve never seen you before.”

Aiden looked back shocked “Mac are you okay? It’s me Aiden, I’ve been coming here for five years. The last two years I’ve been here almost every night.” He looked around the bar bt no one was paying attention to him. “Carl, why’s Mac acting like he doesn’t know me?” He called to a man playing darts on the far wall.

Carl turned “how the hell do you know my name?” he asked angry already.

“This isn’t funny.” Aiden said getting angry himself. “Just because you’re mad about my behavior last night doesn’t mean you need to act like you don’t know me.” Both men looked at him like he was crazy. “What the hell is going on?” He demanded getting up from his stool. “Dan, you know me right?” He grabbed a man playing cards pulling him up. The guy shoved him away mumbling about crazy people. They all looked at him like he was crazy. Aiden stumbled to the door shoving it open. He blocked his eyes from the bright sunlight. It was just night when he went in, what the hell?

A loud screech and high pitched noise had him coving his years. “Damn it. I told you it wasn’t ready. Get the human out of there, he’s going to have to stay in a different enclosure until we fix this. Make him forget and keep him asleep until we are ready.” A loud voice could be heard but Aiden couldn’t see anyone. It was like a booming voice from the sky.

Two people from the bar came out. They touched their belts and hey no longer looked like they had moments ago. They now had green scaly skin, tails that whipped behind them and an extra set of arms appeared from their torso. Their faces had deep-set eyes and their mouth was a bit elongated, not like a dog but certainly not human.

Aiden screamed, the taller one laughed. “That’s what our people will be doing when we finally get you on display.” The scenery around them blinked and went out. Aiden found he was in a room surrounded in glass. There were planks of wood covering the windows at the moment.

“Now take this like a good human.” The shorter one said holding out a needle and syringe. “We want you to believe you are still at home on Earth. That way our customers get to see a human in their natural habitat.” Aiden blinked and backed up until he hit a wall. “Don’t worry. We have plans to bring a female human later. You won’t be alone for long.”

The tall one laughed again “he wouldn’t know he was alone anyway. He’s going to think he’s still at home enjoying life. He will never know that he’s with us.”

The alien’s lunged at him holding him against the wall while he thrashed trying to get away. They were much stronger than he, however, and soon had stuck him with the needle. As darkness closed in on him he found himself wondering if anyone at the bar at home would notice him missing. Would any one care? He knew by the time he woke up he would forget all this, they would fix their hologram and he would think he was on Earth. That was the most terrifying idea of all.